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claudy her idea for a new movie
Posted by Anonymous on Fri 23rd Jul 2010 20:45
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  1. 21:37:14] <@Claudandus> though, the staged murder was enough to flood a new stream of racist politicians into actions
  2. [21:37:43] <@Claudandus> mostly the filthy psychotic somalic shitstain ayaan hirshi ali
  3. [21:38:05] <@Claudandus> who was mostly responsible for the murder on uncle theo
  4. [21:38:13] <@Claudandus> with her retarded movie
  5. [21:39:01] <@Claudandus> though, i still wanna make a movie with a small child, that prefferably a boy, who will biblical texts projected on him, and he will tell the story about how his priest sexually abuses him
  6. [21:39:42] <@Claudandus> second comes this handsome homosexual man, who will look like he's beaten up, and he will read parts out of the bible, specifically the pieces about homo hatred
  7. [21:40:41] <@Claudandus> then comes this woman, who will read pieces about how the bible abuses and abolishes her rights, and how she has no right to abortion, even though she was raped and molested by a group of christians
  8. [21:40:49] <@Claudandus> her age should be around 18
  9. [21:41:27] <@Claudandus> and also she should tell about how her parents and family exiled her, and beated her up, because she was raped
  10. [21:42:06] <@Claudandus> and while they talk, the screen will slowly fade to black, and the texts they speak, will be printed on the screen
  11. [21:43:03] <@Claudandus> i think such a thing would be pretty darned awesome, but also it will be controversial, yet it will be an answer to the blond haired fascist that is trying to gain access to the parliament
  12. [21:43:13] <@Claudandus> sutch parliament
  13. [21:43:17] <@Claudandus> dutch*

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