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Enlightment - manual
Posted by Anonymous on Sat 18th Jun 2011 16:52
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  1. --- What do renew seeds, reflections, restorations do? ---
  3. Renew seeds will get your legend to level 1 (if it's true legend then lvl 1 of true legend). Experience is kept, so you can level all the levels back immediatelly. But you will be getting new series of potential points now as as it's a new, different leveling up (possibly better one, if you raised legend's ability in the meantime).
  5. Reflections delete last level up, together with the points gotten - this similar to renew seeds but there you delete all the level ups and their points. Reflection is what you use when you want to repair last level up potential points. You can't use 2 reflections in a row. That means once you level up say from 50 to 51, and you got 2 points, and level up again to 52 getting say 3 points now, you can reflect only back to 51 deleting those 3 points, not to 50 anymore. The only way would be renewing, but then you lose all the good points you might have had on the way up, therefore renewing after reflecting is a very bad thing to do - you delete what you reflected and it goes to waste.
  7. Restorations are the safest thing to of these 3. They don't delete any points, they just take them off your stats and let you reallocate them to different stat(s) (courage, strategy, magic).
  10. --- What is enlightment of a true legend? ---
  12. It's a major enhancement of your legend's power. Legends get points based on their ability. First 100 levels you can get maximum 4 points per level. That makes total of 99x4=396 potential points (that's what we can call perfect 100 lvls). Legends without reflecting usually end up with 240-290 potential points (that's for those with ab 40+). Now you see reflecting a legend to all 4s can bring you roughly 100-150 points. But that's not the best you can get from first 100 lvls. If you had your legend enlightened, your points would be cleared to 5s, meaning for first 100 lvls you end up with 99x5=495 points. We could say everytime you renew your enlightened true legend, you have 495 points to allocate right at the level 1 - points from true levels are deleted but points from first 100 lvls are always available. This is not 100% accurate but almost. I'll get back to it later again. I should also mention that enlightment doesn't only clear first 100 lvls to 5s, but it does also clear levels 100-200 (levels of true legend). It clears all the levels that have been reached at the time of enlightening (e.g. if you do it at lvl 50 true legend, 150 levels are cleared - first 100 + 50 of true). Therefore the best one could do is get enlightment at lvl 200 and have all the levels cleared. Then you can be sure your legend is perfect and can't be better. That's not the only way to get perfect legend though. Some people enlighten at level 70-80, having cleared most of levels (170-180) and last 20-30 levels they reflect manually to 5s. Well, reflecting to 5s isn't so easy.
  15. --- What are the requirements to get an enlightment on my legend? ---
  17. Legend has to have ability 50. That's the only requirement. It's not a sufficient requirement for free enlightment though. For free enlightment, your legend needs average of potential points 3.9 or more, too.
  20. --- How can I get ability 50? ---
  22. Only true legends are allowed to raise their ability thrugh practice. There are legends like Lei, Li Jing, Spirit legends, who have their special items for raising their ability as regular legends, but that's only few exceptions. Generally, to raise aibility up to 35, you need to practise using sacred urns. They can raise ability from 10 to 35. From 35 to 40, you need to use divine urns. And for levels 40-50, heaven urns are used. The problem is, heaven urns won't let you raise ability more than by 5. That means, if you practise legend with ab 40, maximum to get is 45, for 41, maximum is 46 etc. That means the only legends who can get their ab to 50 are those starting with 45.
  24. Legends starting with ab 45 are:
  25. - Warriors(3): Nezha (task), Yang Jian (task), Sunshine (shop)
  26. - Seers(3): Shen Gongbao (task), Ashina (VIP), Lei Zhenzi (task + only if you used enough apricots during first 100 levels)
  27. - Monks(3): Jiang Ziya (task), Zhao Gongming (task), Yunxiao (task)
  30. --- How do I make enlightment happen? ---
  32. You probably understand you don't want your legend to enlighten at level 1. It's too soon, too many levels ahead of you to reflect to 5s yourself. You want to enlighten at least at level 60, 70. If you didn't care about this, just wanted enlightment for the sake of it, you would only need ab 50, and then either pay for it (2k+ JCs), or have an average 3.9 and it'd be for free.
  33. Let's consider you care, now. Again, you still need heaven urns for ab 50. But the part with average 3.9 and time when exactly to use these heaven urns gets complicated. This is how exactly enlightment happens (for now, consider this is valid for doing it at any of lvls 100-200):
  35. You raise your ability from 45 to 50. These 5 ability points get you 50 potential points. This kind of compensates lost points from converting legend to a true legend. At this point, you either do have the average 3.9, or you don't.
  36. If you do, you get automatic enlightment, e.g. if your level is 150, you should have 150*5=750 points total. If you're level 101 - only 505 and 99 levels to reflect to 5s if you want a perfect legend.
  37. If you don't have the average, you don't get the enlightment, but instead you get a button "Illume" under "Rename" button. When you click it, it says how much Wolcash you need to pay if you want to enlighten. This number starts at 2k at lvl 1 TL and grows as you level up. Higher the level of legend and higher the number of points enlightment would give to your legend (lower the average), more money it will ask from you. After getting ab 50 without average 3.9, you can always get the average by reflecting to 5s. Once your average hits 3.9, "Illume" will ask for 0 wolcash.
  39. Now back to how to make it happen. There are 2 rational approaches. For both, you should always have first 100 lvls reflected, that's a requirement for anyone who wants to enlighten without having to pay tons of wolcash later. Also, you should decide on what level you want to do it at. As I said, later = better. During leveling up levels 100-200 you need to keep the average again, just as you did when reflecting first 100 lvls.
  40. The first way, less complicated, safer, but using a bit more reflects than 2nd one, is to not to get ab 50 until you reach the level you wish to enlighten at. You can get abs 46-49 though, but you should be careful. Then all you do is to keep on reflecting from lvl 101 to this level, consequently raise ab to 50 and you'll get an autoenlightment.
  41. The second way is to get ab 50 at low level without getting autoenlightment, and that way you'll be spending less reflections for keeping the average 3.9 on the way to your desired level at which you wanted to enlighten. The catch is how to not to have the average 3.9 at the time you raise the ability to 50, i.e. how to not to get auto at low level. This is not so dangerous if you follow this procedure:
  43. During first 100 levels, drop 10-12 points, so that you dont have 99x4=396 points, but 384-386 (I do 384 to be sure). With 384 points, convert. Raise ab to 50 right away at level 1 TL. And you will definitely not get autoenlightment - your average won't be 3.9, but will be very close to 3.9, so now you can repair it very easily by getting 4s and few 5s (if you dropped 12 points from first 100 lvls, 3 5s should be enough). Your "Illume" button will ask for roughly 2k Wolcash for start, but after you rapair the average, it'll drop to 0. That's how you know you got the average and now you can enlighten manually at whichever level you wish. You just need to keep the average, and I must say with ab 50 it
  44. almost doesnt eat any reflections.
  46. Hmm, if someone got through all of it, congratulations. =) Hope you make your legend be as you want it to be.
  48. Rao

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