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Posted by Anonymous on Mon 1st Apr 2013 07:12
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  1. One of the early tests of this RFID b.s. is where a student protested in wearing an RFID 'badge'. If I recall, in the end the student was forced to wear it. These small steps in mandatory RFID and the love of using smartphones for payments and more will drive us to the MARK OF THE BEAST WHICH YOU MUST NOT TAKE!
  3. IMO Google Glass will be the first step in techie peer pressure. If everyone has one, why don't you? How many people will look at you every day as they have the devices and you don't and upload your photo to a Facebook like data base.
  5. Just like in the episode of Star Trek TNG : "The Game", I believe there will be a market for 'fake' Google Glasses to blend in without participating. But Google could be ready for that and it could eventually lead to mesh computing and auto verification/pings between Google Glass users to ensure they are all 'in the machine'.

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