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Edward Harner
Posted by Anonymous on Tue 9th Feb 2021 09:12
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  2. Website:
  4. Address: 6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite 400, Hollywood, CA 91606
  6. Edward Harner is the COO of Green Solar Tech, a solar panel company located in California, that offers its customers the highest quality solar power technology at prices that every day California residents can afford. Not only is he the COO, Edward Lai Harner is also a proud customer of their services. He had solar panels installed in his own home in Burbank to cut the high cost of electricity and wrote a raving review on the company website about how happy he was with the service and product he received! Green Solar Tech prides themselves in being “pioneers” in the solar power industry, building solar panels right here in the United States, and offering financing to make it easy for homeowners to have them installed. Check out what Green Solar Tech is doing for solar power in California at their website.
  8. #Energy #Edward Harner

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