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ohmygawd, more tbn logs of epicness
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 9th Aug 2010 13:43
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  1. [18:16:46] <+Claudy> burn a bible day 2010 will be awesome
  2. [18:53:34] <@Quinn> o.O
  3. [18:53:44] <@Quinn> bad Claudy, book burning is bad!
  4. [18:54:23] <@Quinn> burn something else religous if ya wanna make a statement
  5. [19:20:33] <+Claudy> i am gonna burn a religious book Quinn
  6. [19:20:54] <+BabyDemon> why is that?
  7. [19:21:35] <@Quinn> but bookburning is bad,  it's a bad symbol
  8. [19:25:24] <+Mako> its a pointless symbol. words and ideas will speak louder then some flashy light show
  9. [19:29:05] <+Claudy> well, it will be a counter action on the fascist fueled koran burnings
  10. [19:29:23] <+Claudy> of which one will be great hatespeaker girt wilders
  11. [19:30:03] <+Claudy> who will be at ground zero at september eleven to raise a swastika flag embroidered with a big JESUS HATES MUSLIMS on it
  12. [19:30:16] <+Mako> don't they know the paperbag princess is a vastly superior childrens tale?
  13. [19:30:41] <+Claudy> nah
  14. [19:31:06] <+Claudy> girty dislikes everything that is'nt imperialistic or christian
  15. [19:32:03] <+Claudy> he has also personal ideas like, having a big imperilistic empire somewhere at the borders of europe,
  16. [19:32:59] <+Claudy> where we will have segregation laws in place, so that only white supremacists white trash, and everything non black or muslim may come in
  17. [19:33:01] Mako shrugs
  18. [19:33:14] <+Mako> and you take these people seriously?
  19. [19:33:39] <+Mako> we just kinda wave them off and observe their ideas are silly childish fear and rebellion
  20. [19:33:59] <+Claudy> and he had plans to break down the houses of families and well, when they arent muslim, they may stay, but when they are they get arrested and put into trucks, and then brought to work camps somewhere in poland
  21. [19:34:11] <+Claudy> well, its worse here Mako
  22. [19:34:24] <+Claudy> they even try to fform a government with him in it
  23. [19:34:45] <+Claudy> even though it makes the pillars of those who collaborate with him crumble
  24. [19:34:51] <+Mako> and when you give bad children attention they continue
  25. [19:35:17] <+Claudy> true
  26. [19:35:40] <+Claudy> and people with money buy their political friends
  27. [19:36:04] <+Claudy> hence girty wilders has bonds with several american chistian fundamentalist terrorist organizations
  28. [19:36:30] <+Mako> fight with ideas not with empty gestures
  29. [19:36:41] <+Claudy> like those kinds that blow up abortionclinics and stuff
  30. [19:37:10] <+Claudy> and those that fire up gay bars and are at the homophobia demonstrations -.-
  31. [19:37:30] <+Claudy> well, there aint much we can do about it
  32. [19:37:40] <+Mako> yep, let themselves distance themselves from the norm and push themselves to the fringe
  33. [19:37:58] <+Claudy> so well, we will provoke a though bearing a newer knowledge
  34. [19:37:59] <+Mako> the problem is when these ideas are considered everyday and eventualy become numb towards people having them
  35. [19:38:07] <+Claudy> i know :|
  36. [19:38:22] <+Claudy> hence i wanna do something i wanted to do for a looooooong time
  37. [19:38:53] <+Claudy> i just dunno if putting still alive under it would be a good idea
  38. [19:39:00] <+Mako> an empty gesture to antagonize stupid people by doing something else stupid
  39. [19:39:19] <+Claudy> not exactly
  40. [19:39:55] <+Mako> well yea, you're just bruning a book
  41. [19:40:16] <+Claudy> yeah, i'll burn the holy bible
  42. [19:40:54] <+Claudy> i will call it a ritual, and asketh ye people if they know that if it holy, it should not burn
  43. [19:40:55] <+Mako> doesn't demonstrate the superiority of a different path, it just shows that you're going to fight empty with empty
  44. [19:41:08] <+Mako> thats stupid
  45. [19:41:12] <+Mako> really stupid
  46. [19:41:16] <+Claudy> and when god would existeth,  the leavens shalt not be toreth aparth
  47. [19:41:29] <+Mako> and you look like a crazy jackass
  48. [19:42:01] <+Claudy> not like i would care much, how the outside world would think about me burning a bible
  49. [19:42:22] <+Mako> exactly, you're being a childish rebel. just like them
  50. [19:42:43] <+Claudy> i got other reasons than peoples judgement for it though
  51. [19:43:02] <+Mako> "oh look at me i'm doing something naughty, but look at my ideas" it's stupid
  52. [19:43:17] <+Mako> it's being a snotty little attention whore
  53. [19:43:34] <+Claudy> that could be one interpretation, yes
  54. [19:44:26] <+Claudy> the other one could be looking at the global world as she is, and observe the timeline of the past 200 years, and see how slowly the world has comth into this firm grasp, and how people get and got murdered out of the all loving christian god
  55. [19:45:11] <+Mako> your poor attempts at biblical language only cement my point you're being an idiot
  56. [19:45:13] <+Claudy> out of the love of the all loving*
  57. [19:45:20] <+Claudy> thanks again Mako
  58. [19:45:39] <+Mako> le sigh
  59. [19:46:00] <+Claudy> i wish i had a time machine where i could take snaphots and such, and show you how and why, this hatred ever formed
  60. [19:47:49] <+Claudy> a manieth people have judged me, a manieth people have fallen for their own sins
  61. [19:47:56] <+Mako> claudy, i'm well aware. I know the contents of that book better then you and most christians. I'm just not trying to perform stupid little gestures where I contradict my goals while explaining them. You don't care what people think but you want to show them the truth. Well sunshine, if they don't give a shit you're just putting ideas that should be valued on the fringe with those you oppose. You work against the very goal you want'
  62. [19:48:33] <+Claudy> not exactly
  63. [19:48:40] <+Mako> yes, exactly
  64. [19:48:46] <+Mako> that's what YOU just stated
  65. [19:49:05] <+Mako> you just have your head stuck up your own self-righteous ass so far you can't see for incredibly retarded your being
  66. [19:49:16] <+Claudy> i am provoking an idea, which has been living in me for several years
  67. [19:49:19] <+Mako> just like the fundementalist christians you bitch about
  68. [19:49:29] <+Mako> *you're
  69. [19:49:37] <+Claudy> thanks
  70. [19:51:04] <+Claudy> mostly it should be the final crown on the legacy i worked 7 years for to complete, even if the dat ewould be off for 3 weeks
  71. [19:51:15] <+Claudy> the date would be off*
  72. [19:52:27] <+Claudy> since most of the hive of wretched scum and vilainy that found its way inside of me 7 long years ago was founded halfway in august of the year 2003
  73. [19:52:42] <+Mako> again, the fact you refer to anything as a legacy just shows your arrogance and that you want to have attention. The focus is on you not the ideas you want to convey. Learn some humility
  74. [19:53:03] <+Claudy> ofcourse i give it a fancy name
  75. [19:53:38] <+Claudy> i could call it the dark pages of my lifi that started 7 years ago, but that sounds... so heavy and dramatic
  76. [19:53:43] <+Mako> you put yourself ahead of the ideas and message, it shows your immaturity and childishness
  77. [19:53:56] <+Claudy> life*
  78. [19:54:51] <+Claudy> and yes, i love attention, even more so if it brings out similar pyromaniacal minds who will follow up to my insane ideas
  79. [19:55:18] <+Mako> ^just proving my point you're being an idiot
  80. [19:55:31] <+Claudy> thanks :)
  81. [19:56:27] <+Mako> no thanks for being just as bad as fundementalist religious figures
  82. [19:56:48] <+Claudy> psychologically though, it can show some of the more weak minded, who will laugh and applaud about the burning of a koran, that their books also burn, just as well, depensing on the paper used
  83. [19:56:54] <+Claudy> depending*
  84. [19:57:12] <+Mako> it'll show nothing but that you're an idiot
  85. [19:57:21] <+Mako> and piss off some other idiots
  86. [19:57:36] <+Mako> it'll accomplish nothing but making your little childish tantrum of a spectacle
  87. [19:58:37] <+Claudy> and it will offer a token of support for more events coming next year :D
  88. [19:59:24] <+Claudy> (if it will be a success that is)
  89. [20:00:04] <+Mako> you have no measure of success, you don't care what people think. < seriously you're awful and not looking at your own ideas
  90. [20:00:14] <+Mako> *at
  91. [20:01:32] <+Claudy> how am i not ?
  92. [20:01:57] <+Claudy> as far as i can think of there are no laws that state that its forbidden to burn books in yer backyard
  93. [20:02:15] <+Claudy> as long as you dont torch yer own house :+
  94. [20:02:26] DBZJared  has joined
  95. [20:02:27] TBN-bot has set mode +v DBZJared
  96. [20:02:34] Mako waves to jawid
  97. [20:02:50] <+DBZJared> hi there kiddo
  98. [20:02:57] Mako swishes tail
  99. [20:02:58] <+Claudy> which is why it would be a stupid idea to bbq inside your own house with a charcoal or gaz-powered bbq
  100. [20:03:50] <+Claudy> furthermore, there does'nt really seems so much wrong with it
  101. [20:04:11] <+Claudy> besides the fakt that people could burn themselves, and that theys should'nt be wearing nylon jackets
  102. [20:04:47] <+Claudy> but then again, thats also what they advice for december 31st
  105. and then... an awkward silence felt, as someone came in, and begone was the idea to judge someone for its radical ideas of awesometasticness

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