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Posted by Anonymous on Sat 3rd Mar 2018 00:35
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  1. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:24 AM
  2. Oh and then there's the MP design philosophy, and zombies galore
  3. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 11:25 AM
  4. angel's gone
  5. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:26 AM
  6. C'est la vie.
  7. I don't understand why they take everything as a personal affront
  8. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 11:27 AM
  9. tbf if angel really understood the general stance of people in this discord, then someone wise would probably not try to get that topic into these chats
  10. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:28 AM
  11. Having an unpopular or controversial opinion is something I can respect. But you've got to grow a skin and prepare to take shit over it
  12. It's not like I was even using ~harsh language~ or being particularly insulting. They have used mountain dew adds to target high school aged boys
  13. So nothing I said in that was particularly inaccurate, lol
  14. [IPA] Avatar - Yesterday at 11:31 AM
  15. I don't think there's a "general stance" in a Discord of X thousand. Most people are very opinionated about mainstream gaming, mostly, I think, because of their (also, mine) bitter realization that mods of old games/indie games>>>mainstream games nowadays.
  16. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:31 AM
  17. It's become a big enough business endeavour that risk isn't rewarded
  18. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 11:32 AM
  19. [12:24] Angel Unit 55: If you're really going to resort to insults to get your point across...
  21. I'm done. You proved me right, the MWLL discord has an agenda against mainstream gaming, and if you try to go against it the insults fly. What a crushing disappointment.
  22. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:32 AM
  23. So they play it safe and recycle the same game as long as it will sell
  24. [IPA] Avatar - Yesterday at 11:32 AM
  25. superheromovies
  26. supernewb38 - Yesterday at 11:32 AM
  27. whats going on?
  28. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:32 AM
  29. Fucking done with those 10 years ago
  30. Angel Unit left because I called CoD trash
  31. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:34 AM
  32. kek
  33. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:35 AM
  34. From what I gather this isn't the first time they've left in a hug though?
  35. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 11:35 AM
  36. yep
  37. for the same reason too
  38. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:35 AM
  39. Pffft
  40. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:35 AM
  41. really?
  42. i cant say i remember
  43. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:36 AM
  44. Stop, it's 2 AM
  45. I can't laugh this much
  46. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:36 AM
  47. thing about the internet is... you meet people there, and they have their own opinions
  48. [IPA] Avatar - Yesterday at 11:36 AM
  49. Supposedly he/she has mental issues. He/she will come back if he/she wants This isn't worth further discussion.
  50. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:36 AM
  51. Much like real life
  52. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 11:36 AM
  53. iirc, angel last leave was because "mwll discord is too toxic about mainstream gaming"
  54. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:36 AM
  55. he does have mental issues
  56. and while i can sympathize, sheltering someone from the real world is not productive
  57. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:37 AM
  58. Doesn't change the facts of life. You're going to meet people with different opinions
  59. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:37 AM
  60. as for "gaming journalism"
  61. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 11:38 AM
  62. tbh, even if people here are actively hostile towards 'mainstream gaming', it's still a type of hostility that's a lot more tame than IRL
  63. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:38 AM
  64. 90% of it is clickbaity shit or low quality smut that i wouldnt print on a napkin to wipe my ass with it... and i can say that with authority, because my dad, which i happen to admire in his profession, is a journalist and a writer
  65. im not half bad at writing either, but its not something i enjoy
  66. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:39 AM
  67. It's an echo chamber and they've been caught getting paid off. You can't have that important thing called journalist integrity while taking bribes
  68. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:39 AM
  69. nope
  70. so many people take bribes these days... its pathetic
  71. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:39 AM
  72. Secondly, gaming journalism is just like film review
  73. It's all opinion pieces and subjective anyway
  74. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:40 AM
  75. imho film review has slightly more integrity
  76. probably because theres a lot less money in films
  77. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:40 AM
  78. I mean at it's base, it's media review
  79. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:40 AM
  80. ae
  81. aye
  82. art even
  83. art is subjective
  84. can be better or worse executed, but that doesnt change the "meat" of the piece
  85. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:42 AM
  86. Yeah, I was about to add something along those lines
  87. Yes, there are objective parts to game making, but most of that is back-end anyeay
  88. A majority of it is "what do I like about game X? What do I dislike? What can it improve upon? GOTY. 10/10
  89. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:47 AM
  90. well, design is pretty objective, but it still follows, and tries to achieve, the subjective vision
  91. case in point, fucking MWO
  92. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:50 AM
  93. Early MWO was pretty good, when it was 3025 tech only
  94. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:50 AM
  95. yeah, back then very few people suspected whats going to happen
  96. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:50 AM
  97. And had. Collision and repair and rearm costs
  98. I've wasted more money than I'd ever want to admit over the years on it
  99. Hoping they'd eventually steer it clear
  100. Star_Wraith - Yesterday at 11:51 AM
  101. was good indeed
  103. YouTube
  104. nephyx
  105. Goons heart Paul
  107. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:52 AM
  108. this is the incident that made me realize PGI is just another shitty company holding my favourite IP hostage
  109. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:52 AM
  110. Can't watch given the time/my phone. But is it the one where Paul's in a catapult and they just keep running into him?
  111. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:52 AM
  112. yea
  113. i gave PGI money back then too
  114. even a few times after that
  115. but, alas, every single time my hopes were trampled and my, at the time, pesimistic expectations were confirmed
  116. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:53 AM
  117. Yeah, I have a weakness for certain mechs
  118. Like, if they added the thug, if probably buy the cheapest pack
  119. Just because thug
  120. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:54 AM
  121. and no amount of community activity ever got to anything... i spent more than a few days working out how to fix the broken mechanics, total waste of time
  122. no chance im ever giving them a dime
  123. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:55 AM
  124. Convert it all to table top values
  125. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:55 AM
  126. it takes me a while, but i learn from my mistakes
  127. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:55 AM
  128. Add a CoF
  129. Problem solved
  130. And run around crying as you slip on pavement
  131. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 11:56 AM
  132. lol
  133. "but much max engine rating locust with masc!"
  134. Focks-Bocks (=CJW=Ensalus) - Yesterday at 11:57 AM
  135. And your alpha strike goes wide because your targeting computer is a 400 year old pos
  136. Anyway, as fun as bsing has been
  137. It's 3 am
  138. And I'm dead tired
  139. Later folks
  140. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 11:58 AM
  141. o7
  142. Thunderbird ([CC-SF] Thunderbird) - Yesterday at 11:59 AM
  143. o7
  144. Tigrex ([CJF] Tigrex) - Yesterday at 12:30 PM
  145. I mean
  146. We try to arguie that, yes mainstream gaming is in a bad shape
  147. But that doesnt mean the whole industry is cancer
  148. Just look at Into the Breach
  149. Great games are being made all the time
  150. Bad games where aways made
  151. There a lot more bad old games than good old games
  152. Its just the way things are, i still dont know why he gets so offended :shrug:
  153. Juffos - Yesterday at 12:32 PM
  154. i bet he takes soy
  155. Tigrex ([CJF] Tigrex) - Yesterday at 12:32 PM
  156. Juffos plox
  157. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 13:21 PM
  159. supernewb38 - Yesterday at 13:33 PM
  160. the mech models actualy look pretty neat in that mwo video
  161. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 13:37 PM
  162. 6 years ago
  163. before PGi decided to go full PWE-microtransactions on MWO
  164. supernewb38 - Yesterday at 13:42 PM
  165. PWE?
  166. i never heard of that
  167. BraveSteelDragon (BraveSteel?) - Yesterday at 13:42 PM
  168. Perfect World Entertainment
  169. aka inventors of the lootbox extravaganza
  170. Bill - Yesterday at 17:02 PM
  171. Just read AU's tard rage
  172. That was most good
  173. If that dude can't handle that level of interaction without shitting their pants I'd love to see how they'd cope with actually getting leant on
  174. And being a sperg means it's your responsibility to keep your retardation in check, not everyone else's to walk on egg shells so you don't flip a titty biscuit because they don't agree with you.
  175. Tigrex ([CJF] Tigrex) - Yesterday at 18:23 PM
  176. I just wish he dint go into a red eye reag everytime he disagrees with something
  177. I like him, and i dont like seeing him suffer :frowning2:
  178. But then again, i tried to help :shrug:
  179. Bill - Yesterday at 18:25 PM
  180. They did bring it on themselves
  181. Xeno426 - Yesterday at 18:26 PM
  182. He doesn't have Aspberger's. It's an excuse.
  183. And lol "this server has an agenda".

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