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Posted by Anonymous on Fri 29th Aug 2014 23:04
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  1. 20140829.22:24:03        -- | Channel #ubuntu-bugs: 99 nicks (0 ops, 0 voices, 99 normals)
  2. 20140829.22:24:06        -- | Channel created on Sun, 26 Nov 2006 07:42:43
  3. 20140829.22:24:26    frezix | hi, during a netinstall, if it's not possible to remove encrypted LVM partitions (even when passphrase is known), would this be considered a bug
  4. 20140829.22:28:24 Ampelbein | frezix: I'd say yes
  5. 20140829.22:30:32 Ampelbein | frezix: And someone reported it on LP already, bug 652641. But no further action has been taken in the last ...4 years.
  6. 20140829.22:30:33     ubot5 | bug 652641 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "debian-installer doesn't allow removing encrypted partition" [Undecided,Confirmed]
  7. 20140829.22:32:34 brainwash | also, it has not been forwarded to the debian guys
  8. 20140829.22:34:14 Ampelbein | debian bug 451535 looks kindof related I think
  9. 20140829.22:34:15     ubot5 | Debian bug 451535 in partman-crypto "debian-installer: allow to 'reuse' encrypted volumes" [Grave,Open]
  10. 20140829.22:34:44    frezix | oh wow 4 years, interesting
  11. 20140829.22:36:34    frezix | how should I forward it to the Debian people? I'm not familiar with the whole bug reporting process
  12. 20140829.22:37:51 Ampelbein | I think the debian bug I linked is essentially the same issue: partman-crypto/debian-installer is unable to access the existing LVM partitions.
  13. 20140829.22:38:00    teward | if the bug exists upstream then it's kinda irrelevant to report it again

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