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Posted by Anonymous on Mon 6th May 2013 06:48
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  1. 21:57:36< MaiHoang> i am disgusted at sixxs for taking a 4 stay hotel off ipv6 causing distruption for 100 users because they don't like the circumstances their network administrator became a refugee from Australia ( fleeing special gay police using their arbatory power to force anal rape in prison on anyone who opposes their power (60c nsw crimes act - obtain personal information on poice - know a gay cop is gay) just google the law.
  2. 21:58:23< MaiHoang> so what's that have to do with ipv6? they must have done a background check on me and they shut down my sixxs handel. there is lots of talk the people at sixxs are monarchy worshiping homo nazis.. it even made it into many tunnel broker reviews.
  3. 22:00:13< MaiHoang> but in this case.. it's got nothing to do with any content hosted over ipv6... they just prejudged me as being what nelson mandella was to white pride / power .. i am to gay power (proving that gays with guns that must investigate the "evil hetrosexual" who isn't good enough to take gay related policework - is a disaster - because gay police with gay sex on the brain can't take their homosexual bias away from the police work - and do a gay on gay arrest)..
  4. 22:00:13< MaiHoang> . anyway i mention that once on this channel for a joke
  5. 22:00:47< MaiHoang> and these ass loving faggots do a whois and pull a whole hotel / 4 stars .. offline - because of an irc joke from a refugee from Australia featured on the front page of
  6. 22:01:10< MaiHoang> i'm going to blog this, the anal loving - you must love anal sex to enjoy ip6.. WTF..
  7. 22:01:13< SwedeMike> MaiHoang: there is no upside for you to whine about it in here.
  8. 22:01:25< SwedeMike> sixxs left this channel long ago because of people like you.
  9. 22:01:27< MaiHoang> well fuck you monarchty loving sixxs nazi supporting tosspot
  10. 22:01:30< SwedeMike> long ago
  11. 22:01:49< MaiHoang> so what do you think abuot special gay polcie that can accuse you of the crime of knowing they are gay?.. wonderful?
  12. 22:02:10< SwedeMike> there is no upside about you insulting me either. I have nothing to do with any tunnel provider, I don't use them.
  13. 22:02:19< bob2> lololol
  14. 22:02:20< MaiHoang> supporting that is like supporting special white police that can say hey nigger be my slave.... .. but i guess some sixxs supporting faggots like gay aparthied as much as you leftists claim to dislike race aparthied.
  15. 22:02:27< MaiHoang> no im seriously pised
  16. 22:02:42< MaiHoang> they deleted my nic handle and affected 100 users about a tasteful joke i made on here 2 weeks ago
  17. 22:02:55< MaiHoang> when i was on holiday on the other side of the country...
  18. 22:03:30< MaiHoang> so if you worship anal sexing special "GLLO gay lesbian liasion officer" police using gang laws on IRC that's grounds for your tunnel broker account to be shut down
  19. 22:03:39< MaiHoang> i want the sixxs faggots to put something in writing and fess up to what they did
  20. 22:03:57< SwedeMike> again, nobody is listening in here.
  21. 22:04:07< MaiHoang> so you tell those poofters if they have guts they will justify their position if they can even put it into writign why what they knew to be a hotel with 100's of users was taken off over a gay joke
  22. 22:04:27< MaiHoang> fuck what kind of net neutrality is sixxs worshippnig their fucken monarch
  23. 22:04:44< SwedeMike> you should go scream at a wall, it cares more. you can kick it all you want, you have my permission.
  24. 22:04:54< MaiHoang> on their news releases... i bloody wrote a patch for sixxs to openwrt. i'm gonig to see if i can get the devs to cancel the commit.. fuck sixxs it needs to die
  25. 22:05:09< MaiHoang> bend over you'll enjoy it i think
  26. 22:05:17< SwedeMike> yeah, revenge is productive as well.
  27. 22:05:21< MaiHoang> great...
  28. 22:05:38< MaiHoang> so you don't mind if i DOS your pops... it isn't very heard when you come to think about it
  29. 22:06:07< jones> oh wow
  30. 22:06:21< MaiHoang> oh yes jones. it's all true. check the front page of
  31. 22:06:29< MaiHoang> sixxs has taken censorship to a new level
  32. 22:07:37< MaiHoang> censoring a whole hotel's access to the internet over a comment made by a UNCHR verified (on letterhead) political refugee from Australia who is fleeign a prosecution from the Special gay police, ran by one deputy comissioner catherine judith burn's who is currently going down in flames for the police wiretapping affair (though she's protected by a secret inquiry at the moment)
  33. 22:08:46< MaiHoang> so if you don't like gay neighbours calling out special gay police to your house (2  of them - verified) who don't want to check cctv alibi's of hetrosexuals because it incriminates the homosexual - ..... you are not fit to use the internet. YOU ARE AGAINST GAY SUPREMACY GAY APARTHIED GAY POWER GAYS WITH GUNS... WTF.. (gay lobby of Australi's first great achievement mind you - gays with guns)
  34. 22:09:05< SwedeMike> MaiHoang: listen, you seem to care about this. Go buy an ipv6 tunnel service somewhere so you get a proper SLA and customer-supplier relationship, so you can demand to get good service. Whining about a free service in here where nobody can do anything about it (because sixxs isn't here) is just useless.
  35. 22:09:09< MaiHoang> sixxs is a threat to net neutrality
  36. 22:09:25< MaiHoang> well the irony is i liked sixs
  37. 22:09:36< MaiHoang> 66% less ping time from google. i only had good things to say about them
  38. 22:10:32< MaiHoang> until the fags found out I fight for gay equality unlike those biggots who says hetrosexuals are not fit to investigate homosexuals. What's next? Special black police all black juries? This kind of policy is insane, and if you do man on man anal sex it doesn't make it any more right that discriminating against people by their skin coloru.
  39. 22:15:09< MaiHoang> it's no secret gays crave power over the rest of us. Just read spycatcher to see the biggest failing in british intelligence was the put all homosexuals the russians were anal sexing in charge. Now on CNN we got british lawmakers anal raping people. If that isnt' case and point nothing is.
  40. 22:16:38< MaiHoang> oh just another gay rights activist anal raper on cnn today.. fuck and if you dont' respect him, there goes your sixxs tunnel everyone. so do you all love anal raping gay activists featured on CNN this morning? IF NOT GET THE FUCK OFF IPV6 you are not worthy fag worshipping ipv6 users.. Seriously fuck SIXXS. i know they are not here but the faggots obviously     monitor this channel as in why else was the account shut down without reason? HUMMM.. Your argument
  41. 22:17:17< MaiHoang> what the fuck is sixxs pulled off a whole hotel of 100 users off their tunnel distrupting service
  42. 22:17:40< MaiHoang> because a sixxs faggot lurking on their channel saw my comments about benig a refugee from australia ( - see front page of and other shows)
  43. 22:17:49< staticsafe> whatever
  44. 22:17:58< MaiHoang> and said lets' do collective punishment on this guy not for hosting content, put posting a  comment on irc
  45. 22:18:07< srg_> oh please.
  46. 22:18:18< MaiHoang> so i as making the point sixxs has decided if you don't like man on man anal sex get of the 6bone
  47. 22:18:25< MaiHoang> seriously i'm disgutested
  48. 22:18:26< jones> HAHAHA
  49. 22:18:46< MaiHoang> i want to provoke those sixxs cowards to respond why they deleted my sixxs handle and took my hotel off without any explanation
  50. 22:18:51< MaiHoang> right jones
  51. 22:19:05< MaiHoang> i put the photos of the two fag cops who came to my house 7 years ago and started this and named them on my last interview
  52. 22:19:08< srg_> hey, pass the popcorn!
  53. 22:19:16< jones> i hear there's some sixxs folks in #freenode...
  54. 22:19:22< MaiHoang> - kate how and tui ornsby, you can call up those nsw fag cops and give them my regards
  55. 22:19:35< MaiHoang> you want me to prove i am a refugee on UNCHR letterhead from fag cops? fuck that i'll give you the pdf
  56. 22:19:39< MaiHoang> who wants it?
  57. 22:19:44< jones> sure
  58. 22:20:28< staticsafe> oh how much I <3 weechat's filter feature
  59. 22:20:35< MaiHoang> but no.. no political refugees are not allowed to speak out against their persecutors using 60c nsw crimes act a gang law that gay rights activisted lee rhiannon lmc said only corrupt bent police would use. she was right, the greens party dropped their own human rights and social justice agenda when only gay police were to use australia's first domestic terrorist outlaw motorcycle gang inspired legislation 60c nsw crimes act.
  60. 22:21:37< MaiHoang> off the internet for you... only pro gay anti-family properganda is allowed. Only homosexual biggots have free speech. Freedom and justice is not a right, it's a gift from the homosexuals in power.. yeah im' sorry i forgot. do i need to bend down and expose my anus to your faggots to get my ipv6 access back? would you like that
  61. 22:21:41< MaiHoang> seriously this is fucken disgusting
  62. 22:22:21< MaiHoang> in a country where being gay rules out out of any policing or government office
  63. 22:22:26< MaiHoang> then come back on irc using ipv6
  64. 22:22:38< anders> cool story bro
  65. 22:22:40< MaiHoang> then watch you do it again, then see what happens with the sixxs pop
  66. 22:23:02< MaiHoang> gets a governmental fucken complaint from homos distrupting vietnam government owned hotels because not all their guests worship homosexuality
  67. 22:23:18< MaiHoang> i think it will be bye bye sixxs in vietnam...
  68. 22:23:25< MaiHoang> yeah well it is a true story
  69. 22:23:55< MaiHoang> you think you want to be accused of a crime that has a 100% conviction rate 100% death in custody rate before me? - verify government statistics reference number at
  70. 22:24:55< MaiHoang> most rare crime in australia unless you can find one that has less than 2 convictions. fucken disgustnig gay police using the countries first terrorst law against people for the crime of knowing they were discriminated against by militant homosexuals with guns, purple shirts and pink triangle nazi death camp symbology matching around wtih their glock 22's.
  71. 22:25:10< jones> MaiHoang: why not just use Hurricane Electric tunnel instead?
  72. 22:25:11< MaiHoang> no any country that says we needs special gay sex police has something wrong in the water supply hahahahaha
  73. 22:25:35< MaiHoang> yeah HE is good but no local pops, and most traffic goes to local google ipv6 stuff.
  74. 22:26:11< MaiHoang> have you seen the photo's of australia's special gay sex police? they even march on the first of march in the anual gay mardi gras, the annual celebebration of a gay bash 30 years prior.
  75. 22:27:03< MaiHoang> england is close behind with the all power gay police assocation.
  76. 22:27:36< MaiHoang> anyway i just came here to say (on ipv4) fuck you sixxs fags. i know you are here
  77. 22:28:01< MaiHoang> and that my new website citizensombudsman will tear them a new one... oh you are talking to the guy who hacked the government and got the home address of every government policitian
  78. 22:29:19< MaiHoang> think im bluffing, - for the video.. so i'll be donig a mail out soon to everyone in the state of nsw who has ever been interested in politics to run for local or state governemnt abuot the problem of gay police using gang laws and much more. pretty cool. shouldnt' call it hacking, after all i didn't "circumvent an access control system" do download where every govenment offical lives in Australia.
  79. 22:30:09 * MaiHoang wants a vote. Who think sixxs is a bunch of wankers against free speech (as reported in blogsphere on numerous occasions)
  80. 22:35:33< broquea> what in the fuck is a goin on in here
  81. 22:35:36< broquea> :)
  82. 22:36:46< mishehu> I'm not sure
  83. 22:36:54< anders> the internet
  84. 22:36:57< mishehu> sounds like a vietnamese who is concerned about free speech
  85. 22:37:02< mishehu> hope that's not a viet from viet nam
  86. 22:37:03< mishehu> heh
  87. 22:37:18< MaiHoang> well a bunch of fags pulled offline a vietnamese government 4 star hotel becaue on of it's residents talked on On IRC only on this channel regarding his becoming a political refugee from Australia at the hands of the gay lobbys greatest achievement, getting special homosexuals running around carrying glock 22 pistols who can accuse people under 60c nsw crimes act (obtain information on law enforcement) of the crime of knowing they are secret gay poilce
  88. 22:37:50< mishehu> last I knew vietnam wasn't the bastion of freedom
  89. 22:37:53< MaiHoang> -> About US -> History - (first great acheivement - gays with guns)
  90. 22:37:50< mishehu> last I knew vietnam wasn't the bastion of freedom
  91. 22:37:53< MaiHoang> -> About US -> History - (first great acheivement - gays with guns)
  92. 22:38:21< MaiHoang> yeah it's a bastion against homosexuals holding political office and getting police jobs. and in my eye's that definately earns some freedom points
  93. 22:38:31< broquea> your politispeak has nothing to do with ipv6 as an internet protocol. you are better taking it to other hate-speak friendly places
  94. 22:38:32< MaiHoang> are there special GLLO gay sex police where you come from?
  95. 22:39:09< mishehu> seriously.
  96. 22:39:24< mishehu> vietnam - where whatever you want is available as long as you've got enough money
  97. 22:39:42< MaiHoang> - look at that advertisment for the special gay police who can accuse you of the crime of knowing they are gay under 60c nsw crimes act (hence secret gay police)
  98. 22:39:45< mishehu> you just got to pay off enough people.  end of story.
  99. 22:39:58< MaiHoang> not secret for people who day gay sex.. call this number to speak to your special gay officer.
  100. 22:40:03< mishehu> MaiHoang: I don't think you're getting the hint.
  101. 22:40:03< broquea> thats nice
  102. 22:40:08< broquea> and has nothing to do with ipv6
  103. 22:40:10< mishehu> MaiHoang: it's not pertinent fo ipv6
  104. 22:40:11< broquea> its so far off topic
  105. 22:40:19< broquea> and we're usually bad about being off topic
  106. 22:40:32< mishehu> we took a wrong turn at quang ninh
  107. 22:40:40< mishehu> on the way back to hai phong
  108. 22:40:56< MaiHoang> yeah if you are gay you are special normal police are not good enough for you... only police with homosexual bias who don't want to check cctv alibi's of who you (the fag) accuses - because god fobrid they can't do gay on gay arrests outside the bedroom
  109. 22:41:04< dm8tbr> no ops or opers around? it's plonk time then...
  110. 22:41:07< broquea> oh
  111. 22:41:11< broquea> i can op and ban
  112. 22:41:19< mishehu> eh I'd say kick
  113. 22:41:20< mishehu> more fun that way
  114. 22:41:34< broquea> but its easier if MaiHoang just cools down on anti-gay rhetoric that has nothing to do with ipv6
  115. 22:41:35< MaiHoang> what a fucken joke? seriously, and if you speak against this special interest gone insane, using insane laws even their own left wing gay rights lobbyist politicitans like greens lee rhiannon said only BENT police would use... no YOU HAVE TO BE SILENCED BECAUSE YOU CANT SPEAK OUT AGAINST GAY POWER
  116. 22:41:44< mishehu> I could say some rather nasty things in viet :-)
  117. 22:41:47< MaiHoang> GAY POWER IS GOOD, WHITE POWER IS BAD, Taht's because gays are better than whites.
  118. 22:41:49< mishehu> MaiHoang: we don't care.
  119. 22:41:54< mishehu> MaiHoang: just talk ipv6 or leave
  120. 22:42:47< MaiHoang> actually gays are better than blacks too because australia apologiesed to to the homosexuals before the aboriginals... and gays hate black people in Australia because aboriginal tribal law included punishments (including death) for homosexuality.. so gays hate niggers it seems, but that's good. the conqured blacks will never get their land or tribal law back because gay sex is too important to the new inhabititants
  121. 22:44:14< MaiHoang> interview on the vinny eastwood show exposnig fags persecuting aboriginal teenagers
  122. 22:44:15< MaiHoang> MUST VIEW
  123. 22:44:54< MaiHoang> fags with guns persecuting black teenagers... remember you musn't speak out against fags with guns perseucting black teens or there goes your ipv6 - the sixxs fags will censor you off the internet.
  124. 22:45:00< mishehu> funny thing is that any of my friends who happen to be gay would probably just roll their eyes at MaiHoang
  125. 22:45:00< MaiHoang> oh the fags has got his power
  126. 22:45:02-!- MaiHoang was kicked from #ipv6 by broquea [no more politispeak]

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