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stabby mc ripsaw
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 11th Oct 2010 23:31
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  1. [00:15:21] aj1983 [ident@713FD89B.41DAE7BF.399335FE.IP] has quit IRC: User has been permanently banned from thebabynet (I'm pretty sure you're still supposed to be banned... I'll check with my secretary)
  2. [00:17:32] <+Claudy> o_o
  3. [00:17:43] <+Claudy> so
  4. [00:17:47] <@Yasu> O.o rules?
  5. [00:17:52] <+Claudy> all of a sudden we start banning frenchies ?
  6. [00:18:10] <+Claudy> thats kind of a Fascist deed, so to say
  7. [00:18:24] <+Claudy> but if yer bannign anyway
  8. [00:18:29] <+Claudy> please purge the tards first
  9. [00:18:58] <@Yasu> He was just on a perma ban from sometime back.
  10. [00:19:11] <+Claudy> hmmm ?
  11. [00:19:14] <@Yasu> But, im hungry.
  12. [00:19:20] <@Yasu> French food sounds good.
  13. [00:19:21] <+Claudy> never noticed aj trolling or so ?
  14. [00:19:39] <+Claudy> unless someone is being power hungry
  15. [00:19:44] <@Joe> he brought a warbot into the channel a long time ago
  16. [00:19:54] <+Claudy> logs for proof ?
  17. [00:20:26] <+Claudy> also : define warbot
  18. [00:20:33] <@Joe> i don't need to dig through years old logs to prove anything to you claudy
  19. [00:20:38] <+Claudy> well
  20. [00:20:45] <+Claudy> usually
  21. [00:20:48] <@Yasu> There was issues in the past, he was perma banned which means permanentely banned.
  22. [00:20:49] <@Joe> a but designed to split the server and gain control of a channel while it resynchs
  23. [00:21:11] <+Claudy> we can forgive and forget about misdeeds
  24. [00:21:41] <+Claudy> also : usually there are mechanisms in place that prevent that
  25. [00:21:42] <@Joe> most things yes, trying to hack the server isn't one of them
  26. [00:21:57] <+Claudy> kinda like, something with timestamps :/
  27. [00:22:49] <+Claudy> also : i met AJ in RL, he's a cool guy
  28. [00:23:12] <@Joe> obviously there were measures to prevent it because he didn't succeed, but that he tried to do it in the first place is what's not cool
  29. [00:23:23] <+Claudy> kinda like, a lot more cool than other fuckheads in here, who make personal insults on the fly, and show little to no respect to the elder class of citizens
  30. [00:24:18] <+Claudy> well, there prolly was'nt much to hack anyway
  31. [00:24:20] <+Claudy> :D
  32. [00:26:03] <+Claudy> though, playing myanmar over things from the past is like those mongloid indoctrinated fools that start squealing like pigs on the slaughterbench, when telling them there is no such thing as a jewish race, nor such a thing as special jewish genes
  33. [00:26:36] <+Claudy> and then claim holocaust, nazi and whatever onto you, just because yer releasing them from their brainfuck misplaced superiority
  34. [00:27:17] <+Claudy> though Joe
  35. [00:27:24] <+Claudy> i'd take this as an unwelcome message
  36. [00:27:36] <+Claudy> not to just one person
  37. [00:27:57] <+Claudy> but more to most of us, who cannot be safe anymore
  38. [00:28:04] <@Quinn> ...
  39. [00:28:16] <+Claudy> and with that
  40. [00:28:16] <+Claudy> and with that
  41. [00:28:20] <+Claudy> goodbye~
  42. [00:28:35] <@Quinn> Claudy, the only message here is that if you get yourself permabaned, stay out.  there are only two or 3 people who've earned that distinction
  43. [00:28:48] <+Claudy> idc
  44. [00:29:02] <+Claudy> i find it rude to snipe people ovewr sand in yer vagina
  45. [00:29:05] <+Claudy> also
  46. [00:29:07] <+Claudy> kbai
  47. [00:29:29] Connection to server lost
  48. **serverside**
  50. [00:29:29] Sent QUIT, waiting for the server to close the connection...
  51. [00:29:29] Server ERROR: :Closing Link: Claudy[] (Quit: if you need me, /whois claudy @furnet, or claudandus @ p2p-net)

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