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Posted by Anonymous on Mon 9th Feb 2015 23:55
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  1. The following NEW packages will be installed:
  2.   libcache-perl{a} libclass-accessor-chained-perl{a} libclass-data-inheritable-perl{a} libclass-errorhandler-perl{a} libclass-load-perl{a} libclass-singleton-perl{a}
  3.   libdata-optlist-perl{a} libdata-page-perl{a} libdatetime-format-mail-perl{a} libdatetime-format-w3cdtf-perl{a} libdatetime-locale-perl{a} libdatetime-perl{a} libdatetime-timezone-perl{a}
  4.   libfeed-find-perl{a} libfile-nfslock-perl{a} libheap-perl{a} liblist-moreutils-perl{a} liblwp-authen-wsse-perl{a} libmath-round-perl{a} libmodule-runtime-perl{a}
  5.   libpackage-deprecationmanager-perl{a} libpackage-stash-perl{a} libpackage-stash-xs-perl{a} libparams-classify-perl{a} libparams-util-perl{a} libparams-validate-perl{a}
  6.   libsub-install-perl{a} libtry-tiny-perl{a} liburi-fetch-perl{a} liburi-template-perl{a} libwww-opensearch-perl{a} libxml-atom-perl{a} libxml-feed-perl{a} libxml-libxml-perl{a}
  7.   libxml-libxslt-perl{a} libxml-namespacesupport-perl{a} libxml-parser-perl{a} libxml-rss-perl{a} libxml-sax-base-perl{a} libxml-sax-expat-perl{a} libxml-sax-perl{a} libxml-xpath-perl{a}
  8.   surfraw surfraw-extra{a}
  9. 0 packages upgraded, 44 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.
  10. Need to get 4,247 kB of archives. After unpacking 18.2 MB will be used.

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