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Pony Fantasy VI
Posted by Anonymous on Fri 6th Jul 2012 08:45
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  1. If you're a brony and a Final Fantasy fan, and you want to play a game that combines ponies with Final Fantasy, I just thought you might like to know that an excellent fan game called Pony Fantasy 6 was released a few days ago.
  3. If you are interested in this game, and would like to give it a try, please follow this link...
  5. If you want more information on what to expect from this game that isn't already covered in the link, please read on.
  7. Do not let the fact that the whole game is ponified fool you... It is somewhat more difficult than the original FF6. If you get complacent while fighting certain bosses, you WILL get stomped. Here are the changes that I've noticed so far...
  9. -Every character and many of the enemies have different sprites
  11. -The dialogue has been changed
  13. -A few scenes have been added
  15.  -The names of nearly all characters and locations have been changed to fit the theme of the game
  17.  -Healing items now heal a percentage of your HP... For example, instead of healing 50 or 250 HP, they will now heal about 30% or 50% HP.
  19. -Many items have been renamed. There are also a few new pieces of equipment with different effects that didn't exist in the original FF6.
  21. -Also, shurikens are now equipable items. They also do the same damage in the back row as they do in the front row. As of v0.97, they can be equipped with two hooves.
  23. -The Economizer, the relic that reduced all MP costs to 1, has been completely removed.  It has been replaced with the Fire Ruby, an item that halves MP cost and increases spell power.
  25. -As of v0.97, Derpy can no longer equip Magnet Hoof or Power Grip.
  27. -A few spells have different effects, and many spells' MP costs have been altered. For example...
  29. -Quick costs 249 MP.
  31. -Ultima also costs 249 MP, but, as of v0.97, it now ignores split damage to compensate. It now deals about 30-40% more damage than the original FF6 Ultima when used against multiple targets.
  33. -Rasp now costs 50 MP, and can hit all enemies.
  35. -Osmose costs 0 MP instead of 1, and is also slightly weaker.
  37. -Shell and Safe can also affect the entire party, making them significantly more useful.
  39. -W. Wind is now basically an alternate version of the Aero spell. In original FF6, it was a horribly useless spell with low accuracy that randomly hit ally and enemy alike, reducing their HP to 1/16.
  41. -Break now does Earth damage with a high chance of petrifying its target. It now costs 70 MP. As of v0.97, it is now slightly stronger.
  43. -As of v0.97, the spell Remedy cures Berserk and stops Dance.
  45. -Doom also costs 70 MP now. Sadly, that's the only noticeable change to the spell.
  47. -Flare is now Fire-elemental instead of non-elemental, and it no longer ignores magic defense.
  49. -Freeze is an entirely new spell that does high Ice damage with a high chance of inflicting Freeze status. It is basically a slightly weaker, single-target version of Ice 3 with a status effect attached.
  51. -Meteor has been changed to Comet for some unknown reason, and shares the same animation as the enemy attack Meteo. As of v0.97, it is also significantly weaker, and does NOT ignore split damage anymore.
  53. -Merton's name has been changed to Molten. It is STILL as incredibly awesome as it was in the original FF6. Cast this with your entire party decked out with Flame Shields to see what I mean.
  55. -The infamous Vanish-Doom bug is now fixed. No more cheaping bosses or instant death-immune enemies by casting Vanish and then Doom on them. I found this out when I tried to cast Doom on Intangir and nothing happened.
  57. -Many of the bosses have higher HP/stats and new attacks. Don't be surprised if some of these bosses mop the floor with you at first, even if you're a veteran FF6 player. I'd say many of the bosses I've fought so far have about 2x their normal HP. The Cranes are now capable of using Seize/Grab, an attack that was exclusive to the Tentacles in the original FF6. Ultima Weapon now has about 54,000 HP, and is quite fond of spamming powerful spells like Holy, Break and Flare, 3 at a time.
  59. -A few regular enemies ALSO have higher HP and slightly different attack patterns.
  61. -The 8 Dragons are MUCH harder than before. Most of them have 65535 HP, different attack patterns, and they have new gimmicks that make the fight even harder. The Dirt Dragon, for example, has permanent Runic status. Needless to say, if you try to fight them as soon as you can, you WILL get stomped.
  63. -Not all characters can use magic or equip Espers anymore. Only unicorns and alicorns can.
  65. -All the characters have different abilities attached to them to balance this.
  67. -You don't gain stat bonuses from leveling up while having certain Espers equipped anymore.
  69. -This game is also constantly updating as well, so for those of you who have already beaten this game and done everything there is to do in it, expect for there to be bonus bosses and additional side quests in the near future. Hopefully, these bonus bosses will provide a good challenge, even for those of us who overleveled our characters. Ideally, they would make Kaiser Dragon and Omega Weapon (Final Fantasy VI Advance-exclusive bonus bosses) look like pansies in comparison, but either way, can't wait.
  71. 6/12/12 edit: A new video came out on the Pony Fantasy VI creator's YouTube channel showing the Kaiser Dragon battle... While Kaiser is still currently in testing mode, what I currently know is this... He is a LOT harder than the FF6 Kaiser Dragon. He has around 458,500 HP now (65500 x 7), has a huge list of attacks, and, on his final form, he is quite fond of spamming Fallen One/Dickmove Alpha and Mind Blast/Dickmove Beta (Inflicts two random status effects on each character), and he enjoys using them in tandem. AND, on top of that, when he dies, he pulls the granddaddy of ALL dickmoves... His final action is to cast Ultima TWICE. As of v0.97, Ultima ignores split damage, meaning, your entire team gets hit for 9999x2. Unless you've got one pony in the middle of a jump while he's casting Ultima, or you have Trixie Runic the first Ultima WHILE Life 3 is enabled on one or more characters, you're DEAD. Of course, this is always subject to change, as is all the information on this article, so the final result may be different.
  73. 7/4/12 edit: V0.98a is out... Kaiser Dragon is enabled. You can fight him by opening the treasure chest at the Cloudesseum. Again, don't even TRY fighting him unless your party is at least level 60 and decked out with  the best equipment, relics and magic possible. If you try fighting him on your first trip to the Cloudesseum... Well, let's just say he'll kill you in 10 seconds flat.
  75. 7/4/12 edit: According to BossManJohn1, the creator of this fangame, another bonus boss, Queen Chrysalis, is in progress. In his words, she will "hopefully be stupidly, unfairly hard, yet still somehow beatable." That means she will most likely be significantly harder than Kaiser Dragon.

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