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Alfie Oaks
Posted by Anonymous on Tue 5th Jul 2022 08:08
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  1. Website:
  3. Address: Fort Myers, Florida
  5. Oaks Farms is overseen by production coordinator and owner Alfie Oaks. Alfie Oaks is an American farmer, businessman and politician currently residing in the Fort Myers, Florida area. Alfie Oaks grew his family business with inspiration from his father and grandfather. You could say Alfie Oaks was a farmer all of his life. At age 15 he sold tomatoes and watermelons from the back of a truck. By age 18, Alfie Oaks had leased 40 growing acres to grow and sell zucchini. Mr. Oaks branched out his business relationships to grocery stores in 2005, making Alfie Oaks, and Oaks farm the leading vegetable producers, packers and shippers in the Florida market.
  7. Facebook:
  8. Twitter:
  9. LinkedIn:
  10. Instagram:

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