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Possible use of the Norway Post Internet facilities to carry out illegal Internet harassment.
Posted by Anonymous on Thu 3rd Mar 2011 03:10
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  3. To the Human Resources department Posten Norge AS                       23 February 2011
  5. Possible use of the Norway Post Internet facilities to carry out illegal Internet harassment.
  7. The case concerns Torill Sundeng, Maries vei 8 Sandefjord. I have on several occasions discussed the matter with the police in Sandefjord. See attached document "Internet harassment by Torill Sundeng," dated 20.10.2009. The police advised me to take the matter up with the Conflict council in Vestfold. Torill Sundeng however did not consent to let the Conflict council handle the case.
  8. She wrote on YouTube:
  9. "Conflict council?? Forget it, I am not willing to come two an agreement with you!", "Why Should I come two any agreement with you?? Thats What conflict council is about you know", "Ijust don dislike you, I hate you! "
  10. After spring 2010 there was a considerable reduction in her online harassment, annoying phone calls late at night and SMS with threats and "funny" remarks about my brain damage. (I suffered a cerebral thrombosis during a surgical procedure and am partially paralyzed and have mild aphasia.)
  11. Now in mid-January 2011 Torill Sundeng has resumed her operations. Telephone calls late at night, text messages, insults and threats directed at me and several friends posted on different YouTube channels. Torill Sundeng is particularly aggressive toward  three of my friends, Vennie Yancy and two other people whose name I would prefer not to provide. Torill Sundeng has a pictures of Vennie Yancy's 6 year old grandson on her YouTube channel Vennie Yancy has asked her repeatedly to remove the image.
  12. She writes demeaning racial remarks about my girlfriend of Asian origin. According to Torill Sundeng I like Asian women because they are not fluent in English and are submissive. Torill Sundeng writes:
  13. "its quite common that men at his age does that, they cant find someone else ... ... so, it suits Richard lol ".
  15. I have acknowledged the fact that I probably will have to bear with Torill Sundengs annoying behavior, at least during her hyperactive periods, in the years ahead. It is unlikely the police would pursue such a case and a private lawsuit against a private individual in cases like this is rarely fruitful. However, some of Torill Sundengs writings indicate that she is engaged in these activities during working hours and with the use of Norway Postal service AS Internet facilities. She writes between 10 and 20 posts every day, mainly between 23: 00 and 05: 00. She is also active in other times of the day. Many of her writings are so serious that they are removed by YouTube or the person who owns the channel she writes on. See the following articles:
  17.  suntorill (Posted ca. 21:30 21.02.11)
  18. Spam Marked as spam
  19. "since you dont know, I can inform you that we who works, have breakes where we are free to do whatever we want. So, get your asses from the chair, and start to work. you can usu your computer in the breakes :))"
  20.  suntorill (Posted ca. 04:45 21.02.11)
  21. " you dont think I am at work??? People usually work you see...dont you know that Ever tried it stupid venniey. My shift is finished at 6 in the morning, then I will sleep good, while you are still here working bullshit LOL. Breake over, sorry to say I have to leave your stupid comments, but had to show my colleges all this.....We have some fun of you then hehe. Keep up the bullshit, we have to get the rest of the work done :))) Hope you have a bad day :))))"
  22.  suntorill (Posted ca. 24:00 21.02.11)
  23. "venniey: I am at work, having my break, are a grown up woman and do as I please.....not a "puppet on a string" like you, so venniey....shut up :)))) Why should I care about what you think????? LOL "
  24.  suntorill (Posted ca. 20:00 31.01.11)
  25. Marked as spam
  26. "sitting in a car at night ??? Some of us work , you know, I work at night :) EWhy dont yoy wpork ?? and surprise, we have internet at work, hehe. Vennir:shut up ! I bet you dont work either, the both of you just take advantege of the system...-..tou are two lazy idiots "
  28. Here are a few more examples of Torill Sundengs written remarks that she has posted on the YouTube channel
  30. "Yes, thats true, he could not take orders from a womaas it is in Norway, Because he was from Iran Since he not could work like we do in Norway, he was fired. Is that why you were fired too maybe?"
  31. "How many years did the man from Iran there??? Hehe, not talking years at all....I have worked there for more than 30 years, and have a great job :)) You have nothing to do with this at got fired yourself I have been told. Guess you were some of that kind. No wonder you dont work, who wants to have a dirty, lazy old man in his/hers company? And crazy too.....Its to late for you anyway, you have been too old.."
  32. "thats what I mean. Richard will be "spoiled"....ha cant handle a woman that has a natural life, he must have a woman that puts him higher than herself. Asian women does that, norwegian women work and has her own life, even that she has man. And norwegian men want that kind of woman. Men like Richard needs to "buy" an Asian woman. And we are so happy he is far, far away. Hope he stays there :)))"
  33. "hmmm...and Richard claims he worked in Norway in the health sector ??? I am sure he was fired, he knows nothing about health. Yea, I had anxiety, but I see you have no education about had nothing to do there. And, as I have heard, you were fired too after the Sol case....I could write a lot about that case......tou did a lot of wrong things therer, so no wonder you were fired. ____You dont have the education or skill to work with people like that....I have read a lot of newspaper from that time, and you and your ex wife get a lot of "pepper" about that story.....Sure she is happy too who got away from you....yack !!"
  34. "or China , even happy he is away from Norway )) We dont want people like that in this country"
  36. "go to Norway and meet this man.....I promise you, you will be very dissapointed. I mean it, go and visit him in the reral life"
  38. "I sure can :)))) Sitting here is just our way of having som "fun" with crazy people, hehe I have a lovely life, and soon we are moving into a fabolous new, big house by the sea. Richard lives in a house full of shit. Thanks for asking, life and love is just beautiful :)) And I really dont care at all if Richard is happy or sad, dead or alive :)"
  40. "HAHAHAHA.... You will never go to heaven venniey, there is another place for you, I am sure- vennie: shut up, go to gym. put on your oldfashioned suit. Sure the other get a laugh too. like us. What I have om my channel is my choice, so again ; shut up vennie hahaha"
  42. "You are really easy to hate !!!! Drop dead !!"
  44. "you should rather call this torills nightmare, grøsser....bare ved synet...But you better stop this bullshit and drop dead instead, I would love to see you get away from the earth"
  46. "Yes, I can easeli understand you have to find girlfriends in other countries....nobody here in Norway want to have you LOL , Keep on travelling, and have as many girlfriends you want, who cares???? Good luck :)) Used me to get Sherri jelaous?? You must love her for sure, you have never forgot her. Sherri got the last laugh, and I am happy about that, your crazy stalker."
  48. "Things about you : You smell terrible, your house is dirty and terrible, you are too fat, you wear the same clothes for days, looks dirty, you are a crazy, sick man, remember I got very dissapointed when I saw you "in real life", nothing at all as you had showed pictures of, and when you told what kind of person you are, it was just lies ....You are nothing, but a dirty, crazy old man that smelled ....I really got sick of that smell. You have a crayzy idea about dresses.....totally idiot. Nothing more to say about that. So, your image of yourself is totally wrong... "
  50. Torill Sundeng has written several messages where she claims that she has got "friends" (colleagues?) to publish "pictures and stuff" about me.
  51. "have you maneged to find the channel with pictures and stuff aboput you yet? No, I dont think you will manage that, but there has been people watching, I see. It pleases my friend who made the channel. He will make a lot of PR for it. Because you deserve it the way you harrass people everywhere . Only women, you would never dare to do it to a man, that we all can see. But that is thypical for psychoes... "
  52. Some of Torill Sundengs written remarks about the welfare of my cats, brain injury, my relationship and status with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation, my relationship to my employer (false claims that I was fired) are clearly libel. I would therefore like to know if Torill Sundeng, or any other employee (c.f. comment about "friends" publishing "pictures and stuff" about me) is engaged in this activity during working hours and if the Posten Norge AS Internet facilities are used for such purpose.
  54. Regards
  55. Richard Norton
  57. Copy
  58. Vennie Yancy
  59. undisclosed recipients

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