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EFF launches the cell-site simulator section of Street Level Surveillance today
Posted by Anonymous on Sun 13th Dec 2015 14:34
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  1. EFF launches the cell-site simulator section of Street Level Surveillance today
  3. December 10, 2015
  5. "Digital analyzer. IMSI catcher. Stingray. Triggerfish. Dirt box. Cell-site simulator. The list of aliases used by the devices that masquerade as a cell phone tower, trick your phone into connecting with them, and suck up your data, seems to grow every day. But no matter what name cell-site simulators go by, whether they are in the hands of the government or malicious thieves, there's no question that they're a serious threat to privacy[1]." (By Nadia Kayyali - remainder of article @ [2])
  7. That's why EFF[3] is launching the cell-site simulator section[4] of Street Level Surveillance[5] today.
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  15. "EFF's Street Level Surveillance Project[5] unites our past and future work on domestic surveillance technologies into one easily accessible portal. On this page, you'll find all the materials we have on each individual technology gathered into one place. Materials include FAQs about specific technologies, infographics and videos explaining how technologies work, and advocacy materials for activists concerned about the adoption of street level surveillance technologies in their own community. In the coming months, we'll be adding materials on drones, stingrays, and fusion centers."
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