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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 8th Jan 2015 02:08
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  1.     >Be me
  2.     >Be 13
  3.     >Already know about the brids and the ebes
  4.     >At park with bro
  5.     >See qt3.14 on monkey bars along with other qt3.14s
  6.     >NOTE: qt3.14 is sitting on the entrance of monkey bars
  7.     >My brother dares me to go up to her and say something
  8.     >2beta4u.jpeg
  9.     >Walk up to her with beta limp
  10.     >They suddenly stop talking and stare at me
  12.     >So...uh......sup
  13.     >Qt3.14 says
  14.     >Um excuse me do I know you?
  15.     >Points at her nice boobles
  16.     >Wut......size...are you?
  17.     >They all look at me mouth open
  18.     >And what do I think
  19.     >What does my beta mind think
  20.     >Mouth rape is always the answer
  21.     >Stick finger in her mouth
  22.     >Fuckit.gif
  23.     >Grope booble as well
  24.     >Run away
  25.     >They chase me
  26.     >Brother is waiting in car
  27.     >ene and scream drive
  28.     >Bro asks no questions
  29.     Fastandthefurious.wmov
  30.     >As he drives away see their angry faces
  31.     >Laugh
  32.     >Brother asks what happened
  33.     >Laugh and tell him fake story where I'm not a rapist
  34.     >We both laugh
  35.     >Mfw I groped a girl
  36.     >Mfw I got away with it

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