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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 26th Mar 2015 14:43
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  1. Topic:
  2. The following argument was made in a newspaper editorial:
  3. “The autonomy of any country is based on the strength of its borders; if the number of illegal immigrants entering a country cannot be checked, both its economy and national identity are endangered. Because illegal immigrants pose such threats, every effort must be made to return them to their country of origin.”
  5. Essay:
  6.         The statement presented by the author states that an autonomy, in other words political independence, of a country is based on the strength of its borders. He also states that the illegal immigrants post high threat to the economy and national identity. The author has made a few innate assumptions and has made unwarranted statement. I would like to enumerate a few of his assumptions and present the void points in the statement he has made.
  7.         First, the autonomy of a supreme country is not fully based on just the strength of its borders. Autonomy could be based on a number of factors such as the power of the army, supremacy of the Government etc., Limiting it to border strength alone is incorrect. Border strength and illegal immigrants are not related.
  8.         Second, the immigrants could have come because they had needed shelter or security. As in case of Srilanka during civil war. The Sri Lankan Tamils needed security and thus they came to India. In such case of civil wars giving shelter and security of the foreign Government is a necessary human tendency.
  9.         Third, the economy is based on lots of factors such as shipping , export and import. Arrival of the immigrants do not push or flunk the economy drastically. Deciding on the level to drop in economy cannot be decided with the author's statement. The author has not presented any statistical evidence to buttress his statement. He could have presented the exact values to predict the level to which the economy will flag.
  10.          Fourth, The author has not provided statements to say if the threat is a threat by the immigrants or by the country they immigrated from. If it was the country,then it could be a threat if only the country to which the immigrants have migrated is weaker than the country they left. In the other case it cannot be a threat. If the author meant the immigrants to be a threat, hehas not presented proper examples to show how they are a threat. In some cases, immigrants could mingle with the people of the nation they immigrated to, to form a multicultural society.
  11.         Thus,the authors statement has got unwarranted statements with no proper evidences to support his statements. The author his statements could have been accepted if he had substantiated his statement with proofs.
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