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Posted by Anonymous on Tue 12th Oct 2010 20:37
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  1. [QUOTE=benjaminwolf;473581]I have an iPhone 4 (I'm typing on it now :P) and it is awesome compared to my friends droid. The iPhone is faster, has iTunes and the app store, has the two cameras. The droid is cool but the iPhone is beast.[/QUOTE]
  3. thank goodness i was wearing a nappy when i read this.
  4. as i just lost involountary control of my bladder, due to a high load of lulzyness induced stupidity, which caused me to shoot into a state that can be described as laughing incontrollably.
  6. though, all seriousness on a  stick.
  8. the antenna of the iphoney 4 is screwed, because ijobs and his adolfian management structure, caused the iphoney to lack quite much on the area of reception of gsm signals, which regardless of the lack of technological intellect of the quoted poster, will not improve, no matter how many money isteve spends on depositing anal waste trough his mouth, to feed those poor souls who are unable to think for themselves.
  10. also  : iphoneys and in general all ijunk will not work with any standard usb cable, because just as with mickeysoft, you are not allowed to use any non proprietary usb cables to charge your device, which means yer pretty much screwed, when you forget to bring a charger or the proprietary cable with you.
  11. and well, MOST people i know of have a computer with at least a usb 1.0 port, and they usually also manage have 1 or more standard format usb cables, in various sizes.
  13. to go further on this matter : usually, you can connect your (smart)phone to the usb port of yer computer to transfer random data to it, using (yet again) a standard format usbcable which costs you about 50 cents up to maybe 5 bucks at any generic store which has some forms of electronics (like a diy store)
  15. taking that into consideration: if the person quoted, would've stopped the excretions of fecal matters from male cows onto the forums, and paid 2 seconds of attention prior to the moment of excretion,
  16. he could've found out that well, the chip known as the apple A4 is nothing more than an ordinary rebranded ARM chip, which does its work around the 1 ghz, which is about as much as any other new generation phone from HTC Samsung etc.
  17. (whereas new generation is like, the phones coming/released during 2010/11)
  19. to add some more lines to this long post, and to ultimately bore the dimmed of mind some more
  21. according to the writer of the quote, the apple appstore is supposedly a valhalla for programs, yet reality shows that theres an android appstore, and  that it also has a lot of programs, so well it does'nt really matters much, unless you like 20 million copies of the same progam in a different shell...
  23. also : for as far as i'm aware, the android app store does'nt censors applications that provide simple tools like a web interface  for anything bittorrent related, like the current dramastory about an app for imagesnack that was banned from the store because it would be promoting illegal things because it used bittorrent technology, which is kinda a slap in the face for any user who can think/program for itself.
  25. to complete most of the story:, android is a platform which is supported on many phones, and there is tons of choices around of phones that offer a similar, or a more complete functionality for a lower price.
  26. whereas iOS leaves you with a cheap chinese phone made by foxconn, which sells for about 3000% of the original value.
  29. to finish this long and technical post, comparing the droidphone from motorola, versus an ibrick 4, is like comparing a (socket 478) pentium 4 3 ghz, versus a Socket A (462) Duron clocked on 1 ghz, who is from an earlier generation
  31. taking this all into consideration:
  33. i'd like to thank the ones who actuallly read this long and dreaded post, and say shame on you to those who said TL:DR :3
  35. [COLOR="magenta"][SIZE="1"](disclaimer) : for those who feel like this post triggers some sort of vaginal sandpit, please  do not hesitate to spit and shit on me, and please do show off your group/herd ignorance misplaced elitardism by negrepping as much and as quick as you can, by using as much lame reasons as yer poor brain can come up with.
  37. as i honestly cant give much of a darnded piece of fecal matter :D</sarcasm>[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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