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Posted by Anonymous on Mon 23rd Jan 2012 21:50
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  3. new samsung 2tb sata2 harddrives not detected<br />
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  5. Wed Jul 13 , 2011<br />
  6. hi i just bought 2 of the 2tb samsung hd204ui spinpoint f4 sata2 internal hard drives , i installed them in my dell xps 710 quadcore pc, i had spare sata cables and power cables in this pc already, when i restarted the pc they do not show up in my computer..all my other drives show as normal. i went to system properties ( from my computer) then to device manager then to disjk drives and the 2 samsung drives are shown ( called samsung hd204ui scsi disk device) the leaflet that came with the drives from samsung said some rare cases sata 1.5gb/s hosts can not establish sata interface connection with sata 3.0gb/s devices due to interface protocol issues. in this case you should switch your drive to sata 1.5gb/s speed with a software which were providing at ( now is that whats causing my problem ?) how could i check this ? or should i just go get the samsung software now ?<br />
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  8. other steps in the samsung leaflet say making pc detect new cmos screen during booting of pc ( thats f2 i know) if pc supports ide hdd auto detection the hd will automatically be detected, if pc doesnt auto detect go nto user define mode ? eh ? and by refering written info on product, set the correct settings for cylinder, head, and sector and if some bios must be, set the hdd mode to ive no idea what any of that means ! save changed details and exit. help !!!<br />
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  10. asi need help/ an answer and need to know when some1 replies to this please email to tell me when theres a reply with help for me thanks<br />
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