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C2 Smoke - C2 Hookah USA
Posted by Anonymous on Wed 19th Oct 2022 08:30
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  1. Website URL:
  3. Address : 225 E Broadway Suite B116B, Glendale, CA 91205
  5. Phone : +1 213-222-6684
  7. The world’s first electronic hookah and shisha device, bringing together outstanding performance and usability. Offering users, the same experience the are used to with premium traditional hookahs and shishas. The difference: a cleaner and consistent smoking experience. C2 Hookah can support 2 simultaneous users, customizable features from variable power and LED light control for a fully customizable hookah smoking session. Uses C2 Pods with ZERO nicotine and ZERO tobacco for a quick, and safe smoking experience. Comes in a choice of three colors: Soft Black, Stone Grey and Champagne with a variety of premium flavors.
  9. Keyword:
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  15. 5. Beat Shisha
  17. Instagram :

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