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Posted by Anonymous on Wed 15th Jun 2011 22:47
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  1. <sixto> what is bitcoin anyway
  2. <Monobrow> deserves a y in there
  3. <maybeeilios> it's like if you take a coin
  4. <maybeeilios> and then bit it up
  5. <Monobrow> I would pay bitcoins to see bleck go off on someone about how stupid their bitcoin religion is
  6. <maybeeilios> then get a bunch of angry neckbeards to declare it the greatest thing to happen to the economy
  7. <Tensei> sixto imagine being 8 years old again and grabbing a bunch of leaves with your friends and pretending that its paper money
  8. <Tensei> that is what bitcoins are
  9. <Prot> then the adults come and tell you to knock it off
  10. <sixto> wow
  11. <Prot> thats the future of bitcoin right there
  12. <maybeeilios> tensei is almost right, he just forgot the part where you go into a candy store and assume they will take the leaves as currency and get angry when they don't
  13. <Tensei> yeah
  14. * FireSlash`Work has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  15. <Tensei> and then theorize that if the candy store would accept leaves it would be a real currency
  16. <Monobrow> but your neighbor with a huge basement and lots of lollypops will definitely take bitcoins
  17. <Monobrow> basically what I am saying is bitcoin is pedocurrency
  18. <maybeeilios> and then one of your friends gets a ladder and starts stripping every tree and spending all his time on getting leaves in case they become real currency
  19. <Tensei> this is a good metaphor

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