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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 26th Mar 2015 14:38
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  1. Topic:
  3. The following is a memorandum from the business manager of a listener-supported public radio station.
  5. "For the past year, as part of an effort to broaden our supporter base, our Folk on the Air program has allocated less time to traditional American folk music and more time to Latino music and world music. In recent months, many long-term supporters of our station have written to complain about what they describe as the un-American bias of the program. In addition, the local newspaper has published a recent editorial critical of our shift in programming. Therefore, in order to forestall any further adverse publicity for the station and to avoid the loss of additional listener-supporters, we should discontinue our current emphasis on Latino and world music and restore the time devoted to traditional American folk music to its former level."

  8. // Note: It contains spelling errors too. Left them unchecked. Please ignore spell errors.
  10. Essay:
  11.    The memorandum presents a recommendation to restore the emphasis of American folk music in place of Latino and world music. It presents facts arguing about complaints from the long-term supporters that if is un-American. Also it mentions about an editorial critical of shift in programming from American fold music to Latino and world music. The memorandum, though seems to be cogent has got a few innate assumption and fails to warrant its evidences on which I would like to enumerate.
  12.    First, the number of people listening to Latino and world music has increased. The American folk music listener are meek in number compared to Latino and world music listeners. Supplanting back the American folk music would lead to loss of more number of listeners. Moreover, the program still plays a American folk music to not prevent the  loss of American folk listener.
  13.   Second, the memorandum fails to present the correct number of complaints against playing Latino and world music. It says about long-term supporters claiming it to be un-American but the number of complaints have not been presented. Details about the person who complained must also be taken into considerations as the person could have been a staunch supporter of American folk music or could be from the country side. The origin of such complaints must be analyzed to present a rejection to the topic that is being played.
  14.   Third, the author mentions editorial criticizing on the shift in programming of music leading to negative publicity. He could have mentioned a few phrases from the editorial to substantiate his statement. The statement is ambiguous on how the editorial could have been. He also mentions the loss of additional supporter, but according to statistics the number supporter will increase with the playing of the Latino and world music as it is in trend. The editorial, even if negative cannot affect the increasing trend. Therefore it is incorrect to respond  in a blind manner.
  15.    Thus, the author fails to present proper evidences and has not warranted his statements. However, his statements could be accepted if he is able to bolster his claims with suitable examples. His claims are not well substantiated nor cogent enough to change the methodology adopted by the radio station.
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