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Posted by Anonymous on Sun 15th Mar 2015 13:53
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  1. Topic : In most professions and academic fields , imagination is more improtant than knowledge
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  5. As once Albert Einstien said " Logic will take you from A to Z but imagination will take you anywhere". Imagination has always been the wheel to human civilization. Human being from the first has move with imagination as his aim. Knowledge is the instantiation of imagination.
  6.   Science has always been built on imagination. For example, imagination of a light source to over come darkness prompted Thomas Alva Edison to invent bulb. Imagination to fly made Wright brothers to fly like a bird lead to invention gliders and thus aeroplanes. Steve Jobs imagination of a personal computer made him invent one. Most inventions starting wheel to modern day smart phones have always been realization of imagination. Imagination is thus more important than knowledge.
  7.   Imagination is used to characterize a humans ability to think. In academic field the imagination brings the ability of a human to think out of the box. Studies have shown that a person with high imaginative skill is one who thinks faster than compared to others. Small kids have imaginations of many things that they start to draw on walls and papers. Children in school are thought to imagine and enhance on their capacity by drawing and painting.
  8.   Art and imagination are inseparable. Imagination has been the harbingers of singing, dancing or painting. The animation industry is fully based on imagination. Mickey mouse, Kung fu panda and  Tom and Jerry have always been an integral part of human being and are born out of imagination. They teach a lot of things to kids. For example, "Popoye the sailor man" promulgated eating "spinach makes you strong" amongst kid. Just knowledge would not have brought out Popoye but the imagination of such a character and situation that made popoye realistic.
  9.   Thus, in various professional as well as in academic field imaginations is more important than knowledge.However, Imagination alone cannot exist singly. It has to be bolstered by knowledge to realize it. Knowledge complements imagination to form a definitive field to function.
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