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Kyle Corkum
Posted by Anonymous on Wed 7th Jul 2021 11:13
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  2. Website:
  4. Kyle Corkum has been a Managing Partner at LStar for over 13 years. He has many accomplishments working for LStar and has an impressive portfolio. LStar instills in their team to always go above and beyond for all clients. Kyle Corkum has continued to help build a unique and successful team at LStar by providing them with essential skills and knowledge. He teaches the team not to just focus on selling and rather focus on client satisfaction. It is important to help the client find their dream home. Kyle Corkum takes the time to get to know his clients personally and professionally to fulfill their needs. If you ever have a real estate need, LStar is the company to go to and Kyle Corkum is the agent to work with.
  6. #Real Estate #Kyle Corkum

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