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winswitch nx.log
Posted by HellFire on Sat 21st Apr 2012 23:00
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  2. NXAGENT - Version 3.5.0
  4. Copyright (C) 2001, 2011 NoMachine.
  5. See for more information.
  7. Info: Agent running with pid '21597'.
  8. Session: Starting session at 'Sat Apr 21 22:51:14 2012'.
  9. Info: Proxy running in server mode with pid '21597'.
  10. Info: Waiting for connection from '' on port '14062'.
  11. Info: Accepted connection from ''.
  12. Info: Connection with remote proxy completed.
  13. Info: Using WAN link parameters 768/24/1/0.
  14. Info: Using agent parameters 5000/5/50/0/0.
  15. Info: Using cache parameters 4/4096KB/32768KB/32768KB.
  16. Info: Using pack method 'adaptive-9' with session ''.
  17. Info: Using ZLIB data compression 1/1/32.
  18. Info: Using ZLIB stream compression 1/1.
  19. Info: No suitable cache file found.
  20. Info: Listening to X11 connections on display ':61'.
  21. Warning: The channel for FD#5 channel ID#1 was not marked as finishing.
  22. Error: Aborting session with 'Unable to open display 'nx/nx,options=/home/nathan/.winswitch/server/sessions/61/nx_options.txt:61''.
  23. Session: Aborting session at 'Sat Apr 21 22:51:20 2012'.
  24. Session: Session aborted at 'Sat Apr 21 22:51:20 2012'.
  25. Warning: Signals were not blocked in process with pid '21597'.
  26. Info: Your session has died before reaching an usable state.
  27. Info: This can be due to the remote X server refusing access to the client.
  28. Info: Please check the authorization provided by your X application.
  29. Info: Watchdog running with pid '21677'.
  30. Info: Waiting the watchdog process to complete.
  31. Error: Connection with remote peer broken.
  32. Error: Please check the state of your network and retry.

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