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Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab - Austin
Posted by Anonymous on Wed 20th Apr 2022 10:10
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  1. Website :
  3. Address : 1524 S I-35 Frontage Rd, Unit 201, Austin, TX 78704
  5. Phone : +1 844-394-2593
  7. Austin, TX Drug Rehab Infinite Recovery offers the full continuum of care to help you or your loved ones get sober from drug & alcohol addiction and enter lasting recovery. Find out more how our treatment center can help you today! Our treatment model is based on our own Eight Dimensions of Infinite Wellness and the proven Twelve Step method. Our approach to recovery is holistic, we don’t just want clients to overcome addiction.
  10. Alcohol Treatment Center
  11. Cocaine Addiction Treatment
  12. Meth Addiction Treatment
  13. Prescription Drug Treatment
  14. Heroin Addiction Treatment
  15. Opiate Addiction Treatment
  16. Xanax Addiction Treatment
  19. HealthSmart
  20. Humana
  21. Aetna
  22. Optum
  23. United Healthcare
  24. Cigna
  25. Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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