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Posted by Anonymous on Fri 14th Sep 2012 07:00
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  1. [01:46] <mst3kfan> heya chachin
  2. [01:46] <mst3kfan> gonna say my goodbyes and leave now.
  3. [01:46] <mst3kfan> sorry for all the bad shit ive done, etc
  4. [01:46] <mst3kfan> dont know what else to say but hell, two spambots, how could i have been so dumb
  5. [01:47] <mst3kfan> you wont be seeing me around anymore. im leaving the job.
  6. [01:47] <mst3kfan> irc life on p2p-net has been ruined and as a result im leavin for good as of 5 min from now.
  7. [01:47] <mst3kfan> its been a pleasure and an education, life was hell but hey, i got the top pos in the stats. not bad for an aspie who kept gettin his ass banned.
  8. [01:48] <mst3kfan> yeah, life is like that
  9. [01:48] <mst3kfan> life is like a lucky dip, put your hand in, you don'
  10. [01:49] <mst3kfan> don't know what you'll get.
  11. [01:49] <+Kenny> o.o
  12. [01:49] <mst3kfan> kenny: ill be leavin soon - relay this on to #zomgwtfbbq thx
  13. [01:49] <mst3kfan> everybody's got their day in teh sun, use it wisely (unlike myself) and you will learn.
  14. [01:49] <+Kenny> I'll put it on pastebin
  15. [01:49] <mst3kfan> i learnt how to be an asshole.
  16. [01:50] <mst3kfan> Kenny: copy this whole thing, post it on pastebin and post it to #zomgwtfbbq thx
  17. [01:50] <mst3kfan> and send me reactions.
  18. [01:50] <Fable> ohai Kenny
  19. [01:50] <mst3kfan> i was nothin but an asshole.
  20. [01:50] <+Kenny> hi fabre
  21. [01:50] <+Kenny> le*
  22. [01:50] <mst3kfan> why i was even here? i wanted to be accepted, to be a part of the community.
  23. [01:50] <Fable> I am not a fiber :(
  24. [01:51] <mst3kfan> i was branded as a pedo (probably for my own good) and no one here liked me anymore.
  25. [01:51] <mst3kfan> it just boggles my mind that some of the public are so ignorant about pedos. they all assume they are kiddie fuckers.
  26. [01:51] <mst3kfan> some are, most aren't.
  27. [01:51] <mst3kfan> but anyway that is beside the point.
  28. [01:51] <mst3kfan> Point is: I was an asshole.
  29. [01:51] <mst3kfan> I should have known better and for that I apologise.
  30. [01:51] <mst3kfan> I've argued, had several bitch fights and might as well cry in a corner for all i care.
  31. [01:52] <mst3kfan> Kenny: you gettin all this down?
  32. [01:52] <+Kenny> I thought you were done 5 minutes ago
  33. [01:52] <+Kenny> xD
  34. [01:52] <mst3kfan> Kenny: lol
  35. [01:52] <+Kenny> I already posted it to zomg
  36. [01:52] <mst3kfan> i got a lot to say.
  37. [01:52] <mst3kfan> Kenny: thx
  38. [01:52] <mst3kfan> theres more comin.
  39. [01:52] <+Kenny> <- THis is what I posted
  40. [01:52] <+Kenny> Anyway, I gotta leave for work, bye :)
  41. [01:52] <Fable> I'll post the rest mst3kfan
  42. [01:52] <mst3kfan> thanks fable
  43. [01:53] <mst3kfan> alright, back on topic.
  44. [01:53] <mst3kfan> i was a bit obsessed about dakota fanning, but im sure we're all obsessed about child stars.
  45. [01:53] <mst3kfan> not as much as i was
  46. [01:53] <mst3kfan> and some people hated me for that.
  47. [01:53] <mst3kfan> i can understand why.
  48. [01:53] <mst3kfan> to Fable, KyleL and the ircops that were spammed i sincerely apologise for my stupidity with spambots.
  49. [01:54] <mst3kfan> idc who wrote them, all i know is i was a dumbass to use them.
  50. [01:54] <mst3kfan> to the rest of the crew on #zomgwtfbbq who accepted me until i let slip i may have been an obsessed fan of you know who, im sorry i let you down.
  51. [01:55] <mst3kfan> i thought i could have been a good guy here but my aspieness got in the way. for that i am sorry.
  52. [01:55] <mst3kfan> well, fable, knoeki and kylel, im gone.
  53. [01:55] <mst3kfan> Two words: Dakota Fanning.

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