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Posted by Anonymous on Wed 15th Oct 2014 17:15
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  1. Required packages:
  2.   System installed packages which are too old:
  3.     (none)
  4.   No matching system package installed:
  5.     libXtst (xtst.pc, required=1)
  6.     libjpeg
  7.     xorg-macros (xorg-macros.pc)
  8.     doxygen (required=1.8.1)
  9.     python2-devel (python2.pc, required=2.5)
  10.     bison (required=2.0)
  11.     libxslt (libxslt.pc, required=1.1.26)
  12.     ragel
  13.     flex (required=2.0)
  14.     libtiff
  15.     dbus (dbus-1.pc, required=1.4.10)
  16. jhbuild build: Required system dependencies not installed. Install using the command 'jhbuild sysdeps --install' or to ignore system dependencies use command-line option --nodeps

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