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ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis, MN
Posted by Anonymous on Thu 22nd Sep 2022 04:19
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  1. Website:
  3. Address: 2336 NE Central Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55418
  5. Phone: +1 612-662-9915
  7. ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis is your trusted local partner in providing you with the most comprehensive, accurate, reliable and confidential menu of screening services and employment solutions in the industry in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. We offer Drug and Alcohol, DOT Compliance testing, Background checks, COVID-19 testing, DNA testing including AAB Accredited Immigration, Paternity/Maternity, Prenatal, Weight Loss and Nutrition. Our clinical testing includes TB screening for healthcare professionals and students, Hormone testing, STD’s, Food Sensitivity and Allergy testing, and General Wellness testing, etc. In addition, we offer Company Drug and Alcohol Policy writing, Onsite and After hours testing and COVID-19 Concierge testing.

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