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Posted by Anonymous on Mon 18th Jun 2012 09:49
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  1. After a long weekend of social engineering, researching, and many other things, we found some good information that people would LOVE to know about Justin. The dark sides of @not_me you could say. You see, Justin's this little parasite on this planet that we have to live on, and he goes around yelling stupidities and spreading his arrogance on Twitter. Let's not mention, he also d0xes his friends (@DarthGeist and others) and then rants on about as if he knows anything about hacking. I'll be the first to admit, I am not a hacker, or a script kiddie. To call me a script kiddie is well, mildly funny in the least, considering I would never download them and have respect for those in the community. He's also brainwashed others into believing he's some good person and that he has any hacking skill whatsoever. Besides him barking on Twitter, exactly what has he done? This "machine that kills fascists," what has mr. big tough guy revolutionary done, besides bark on Twitter? Well children, stay seated, you're about to find out. If you've been trolled, or harassed by these Twitter handles, this is him:
  3. jeto_ja
  4. anonblocked
  5. or1equals1
  6. spartacoui
  7. erwrdfdsfewrdsf
  8. iojijljlkjlkioj
  9. errweerwlkjlkjs
  10. H4N1B44L
  11. lolsUrGuyzAre2S
  12. ohEmGeeSoHorny
  13. dsfsdferwdfsdf
  14. dsfewrdsfsdf
  15. swqeqwesdsd
  16. erwrdfsdfsdfewr
  17. werwerdsfsdfewr
  18. erwrdsfdfsfger
  19. wqeqweqwesd
  20. frowneyfaces1
  21. pwoipoipoi
  22. erwerdsfsdf
  24. You'll notice I didn't put any @'s in there, that's because I was suspended last time for mentioning 6 people in a conversation that was meant to be friendly. Of course, we all know Twitter's system is stupid, but that's not the issue. You'll be surprised what a little research can actually do. For example, you have a nice resume:
  28. Interesting right? Now you'll notice something, there hasn't been any d0x, of course there hasn't - this is the loser who couch hops from house to house because he's homeless and unemployed (this has been confirmed not too long ago, we've made a call or 2.). He used to work for IOActive, but they gladly got rid of him. I guess he was too much of a leet hacker, or something to that extent. You know, Justin, these are also some interesting blogs, you guys should take a read:
  34. You know what's funny Justin is that you've made so many enemies, that I've even gotten people to give up e-mails on you that you like to brag about and forward to others. He claims to be these "interwebs genius," yet he goes screaming his personal information to people who he has no idea he's actually talking to. Nice work e-mails champ:
  39. David Baker wasn't happy when we called him 50 times asking for Battletoads, btw. Something along the lines of that he would fire you again. But this, after seeing the next screenshots that I'm about the post confirms his idiocy and that he obviously has no idea what anonymity even means. There's a difference between anonymity online, and why it's crucial - you can either respect it, or cry on Twitter why you're getting made fun of and why people hate you - simple, you forward emails such as these:
  45. And then, there's pictures like these that just make you want to facepalm:
  49. Now seeing these screenshots almost makes me want to actually swat this guy, if someone can find what couch he's occupying this week. Rumors is that he's with Kenneth Lipp and Sabzbrach, occupiers (which I don't agree with), but innocent people nonetheless. Take a very good look at these screenshots, it's funny how you were so for Anonymous and Occupy so long ago, I guess after kicking you out of the "cool kids club," you decided to suck up to the ProSec guys and the snitches, and maybe even become one yourself:
  55. But wait, there's more:
  67. Here comes the fun. In these next screenshots you not only see one, emo, internet tough guy.....but someone who was raped as a child? No wonder why you're bi curious, you took it up the ass like a good boy when you were younger, ouch man, did he use any lube? He also says "If someone has a god damned question, fucking ask before someone gets fucking shot you fucking idiots." Last I checked, this isn't only harassment, but this is threatening to kill someone, that is illegal, Mr. Ferguson - we also have the e-mails to prove it. He also implies how he has no family or friends, well hey bud, if you'd stop making enemies out of them, d0x'ing them and belittling them behind your back, maybe you wouldn't have any enemies? I won't ruin the rest of these e-mails, take a look-see for yourselves:
  73. These next pictures, I'm not really sure what to say honestly. They're actually for you're entertainment, so, here you go:
  78. Currently me and my group of friends are holding onto 6+ months of chat logs from various people, of course we're holding on to those to see what else we can find on this scrub. To add insult to injury, your d0x isn't going no where bud.
  80. Justin Nathaniel Ferguson
  81. DOB: 11-24-1980
  82. last known address 12303 18 ave ne, seattle, wa, 98125-5120
  83. also 425 vine st apt 525, seattle, wa, 98121-1593
  84. now moved to Arizona with Ken Lipp (sleeping on sofa)
  85. email:
  90. I would find an address, but how can you when this loser couch hops so much? In a nutshell, he's a lulzkiller and is mad at the world because things don't go his way. That kind of sounds like the behavior of a whiny child (fits in right). He's also taken the trap and clicked on the SQLi, like the skidiot that he is. Justin, don't make me go into more, I have bigger fish.
  92. Rust in pieces, faggot.

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