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Zallycatz - unethical / criminal conduct
Posted by Anonymous on Fri 1st Jul 2011 05:55
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  1. Zallykatz Bengals - Rebecca Heslop & Sherri Amirault
  2. Sherri Amirault came to Norway, from Canada, February 2008 and bought 3 Bengal kittens from me for Zallycatz, a cattery owned by her brother Darryl and sister in law Rebecca Heslop.
  3. After Sherri returned, 4 additional kittens were sent to Canada. The kittens were to be sold and after my shipping expenses were covered, the profit would be shared.
  4. In May 2008 they told me they were having difficulty selling. The kittens (all male) were nearing 6 months and were kept in cat carriers to prevent fighting and spraying urine.
  5. I considered the project a write-off and an embarrassing fiasco. I am ashamed that I am indirectly responsible for these kittens being kept in cat carriers and the other regrettable consequences this affair has had for some individuals.
  6. All this and the fact I was occupied with a girl in Denmark caused my contact with the Canadians to diminish.  
  8. June 2008 I received a complaint from a woman that had bought one of the kittens.
  10. The kitten was very skittish, refused to eat or leave its cat carrier. In my opinion this is psychological damage caused by confinement over long periods of time. I have worked professionally for more than 30 years with humans with such diagnosis as "retarded", "psychotic", "autistic" etc.  We see similar behavior in humans that have been restrained or confined for extensive periods of time. The late Solveig Møskedal whom I worked professionally with is a good example of this.  
  11. The buyer tried to return the cat in accordance with a written guarantee that clearly stated the kitten could be returned "for any reason" but was refused. Sherri dealt with the buyer in a rude, belligerent and threatening manner. Examples from Sherri's e-mail:
  13. "You are talking out your ass and don't have a clue. Could you be any more dramatic?"
  15. "I found them all nice homes but one, yours. I can tell that I was right about you, you are going to stomp your feet and have a tantrum aren't you princess. Well you go ahead, do what you have to, I have done nothing wrong. "
  17. "Maybe we should meet in person and talk. I am sure you would have lots to say to me then!!!"
  19. "I know where you live, no need to give directions!"
  21. I told Sherri and Rebecca to:
  22. 1. return the money immediately
  23. 2. to stop threatening and behaving rudely to the buyer
  24. 3. to inform me about where the other 3 cats were
  25. 4. to pay me my share of the money
  28. This resulted in blackmail attempts and threats.
  29. I was told if I did not shut up:
  30. They would contact tax authorities and allege I cheat on taxes, contact my son's mother and allege I cheat on child support, contact animal welfare authorities and allege I abuse my cats. They also would contact social security authorities and allege I was faking my disability and fraudulently receiving disability pension.
  32. I did not shut up. The Canadian family launched an extensive campaign of malicious libel, harassment, counter accusations and childish shenanigans.
  34. Some examples:
  36. Rebecca Heslop made a YouTube account called using the false name "electricworries". She claimed her school was "Western University" and her occupation was "Legal Assistant and Vet Technician". This channel was used to publish malicious libel on YouTube. For example:
  38. "when i was in the office today i ran a check on you and yes you have been convicted. "
  40. " He IS convicted and also under investigation for child abuse and for cat neglect as well. True."
  42. "The only proof i've seen is the conviction of you Mr. Norton."
  44. See page about electricworries
  47. Sherri and Rebecca's libel and slander range from posting comments, mostly on YouTube, accusing me of drug abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, animal abuse, sexually assaulting my son, to infantile comments about psychiatric illnesses they allege I or my friends suffer from. Numerous references to Dildos, incontinence diapers (Depends), Viagra, hemorrhoid medication, sexual lubricants, homosexuality etc. They have produced and posted between 25 and 30 videos containing similar material. As of May 2011 they have made over 80 YouTube accounts to publish libel and insults. Attacks are directed at anyone who dares to question their methods. See - Sherri Amirault and Rebecca cyber-bullying YouTube videos
  49. They have made YouTube accounts like "Richardhectornorton", "richardnorton3". These accounts were used to send vile messages to my friends and the grandchildren of my friends. For example:
  51. "Bend over and prepare to be fucked"
  53. "I want to shoot a big load between your tits" (sent to 6 year old granddaughter of a friend.)
  55. See page - Vile comments and shenanigans & The Solveig Møskedal project and ApparentlyIDo's channel documents Sherri's sexual verbiage supposedly coming from Solveig, which was written on numerous places of YouTube.
  57. Several attempts have been made to infect my and other's computers (Venney's) with viruses. Emails were received that were supposedly from persons that were concerned that they may have bought one of the stolen kittens from Zallycatz.  Attached to the mail were a virus disguised as video or pictures of the kitten or pedigrees. See page about the Latest Canadian Shenanigans.
  59. They have 3 times hacked my YouTube account.
  61. Rebecca Heslop (Zallycatz) was eventually banned (2009) from the Kool Kats Club. Shortly after a YouTube channel called "KoolKatzClub" (spelled with "z") was made with the following profile text:
  63. "Denise Mayhew....DRUG DEALER? Recently complaints were made to police about the KoolKatzClub president Denise Mayhew. Witnesses reported she and her husband have been selling illegal drugs from their Stoney Creek home. Ms. Mayhew is also being investigated by the Hamilton SPCA for suspected animal neglect."
  65. Rebecca and Sherri using channels they created to hide their identity (electricworries, RidanosLies, SherriandDansing, RichardtheABUSER, KoolKatzClub etc) made comments about this on their own and others channels. For example:
  67. "i'm not spreading rumors about anybody. I know for a fact that Denise was reported." Electricworries reply to Venniey.
  69. See page about Electricworries and this currently active channel
  72. Sherri Amirault sent several death threats to a person in New Jersey.
  74. "Listen you little cunt, my patience are running thin,"
  76. "Richard will not live,you have no idea how dangers this just became for him.I am completely serious,yuo have no idea of who you are messing with.I don't mean me,he is one conversation away from his demise."
  78. See page about death threats.
  80. I received an email March 2010 from Canadian authorities. They were investigating, among other things, fraud and misrepresentation involving social assistance recipients.
  81. They were interested in documentation to show that cats/kittens were sold
  82. to either Sherri Amirault or Rebecca Heslop.
  83. They were interested in documentation verifying that Sherri Amirault or Rebecca Heslop were ever in Europe or outside Canada. They also wanted to know how I knew that Darryl Amirault was the father of Zoey and the husband of Rebecca.
  85. Precisely one hour and 38 minutes later venniey and I each received the following email from Sherri with the subject "TAX EVASION !!!" and containing the address and telephone to the Norwegian Tax Administration:
  87. From
  88. Subject: TAX EVASION !!!
  90. "Follo Tax
  91. West Route 20,
  92. 1400 Ski, Norway
  94. Po Box 94,
  95. 1401 SKI
  97. Tel: 81 58 18 10
  98. Fax: 64 85 11 01"
  100. Apparently this was supposed to be a threat. (Threats didn't work.) See following links:

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