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Confessions Of an Ex-SLASHDOT BETA user
Posted by Anonymous on Fri 7th Feb 2014 08:22
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  1. Confessions Of an Ex-SLASHDOT BETA user
  3. Day 1: It wouldn't stop, the redirecting. At first I thought it was malware. Had my first drink in a long time.
  5. Day 2: Barely had the strength to carry on as the BETA REDIRECTIONS continue.. trying not to talk to hallucinations at the bar and in the bathroom which laugh at me about these redirections.
  7. Day 3: Discovered the BETA redirections were random, and while at first they looked somewhat usable, when I looked at me and my monitor screen in the mirror, a horrible woman with flesh hanging off of her body looked back, trying to lead me into a dance as the word BETA appeared across her rancid breasts.
  9. Day 4: These BETA corridors go on FOREVER! On the plus side, I've taken up disassembling vehicles to corner this BETA beast and sacrifice myself rather than lead others to discovering it. I ate some red snow.
  11. Day 5: Finding it harder to concentrate. I've ate some more of the red snow. The taste is starting to grow on me.
  13. Day 6: This typewriter is the only entertainment I have, apart from throwing things at the walls, trying to get some response from the BETA which is now taking over my mind.
  15. Day 7: Hahahahahha! Would you believe it? I'M STILL BEING REDIRECTED TO SLASHDOT BETA PAGES! AHAHhahahaah! Type, type, ding, ding! Wooo!
  17. Day 8: The hallucinations are actually real! Would you believe it? They have offered to help me if I agree to work for them. I'm thinking about patenting this delicious red snow, the taste is unreal!
  19. Day 9: Having black out sessions where I cannot remember large passings of time. Found some makeup, thought I'd paint a joker smile on my face to amuse the people only I can see!
  21. Day 10: Productive today, part of what I wrote for my new screenplay:
  23. I cannot opt out of Slashdot BETA!
  24. I cannot opt out of Slashdot BETA!
  25. I cannot opt out of Slashdot BETA!
  26. I cannot opt out of Slashdot BETA!
  27. I cannot opt out of Slashdot BETA!
  28. I cannot opt out of Slashdot BETA!
  29. I cannot opt out of Slashdot BETA!
  30. I cannot opt out of Slashdot BETA!
  31. I cannot opt out of Slas
  33. (drops of blood on paper)

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