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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 28th Apr 2011 20:13
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  1. [QUOTE=Fire2box;632269]It's Sony. Prepare for disappointment.
  3. Once. I got a HDMI cable with my sony DVD player that upconverts to 1080i. At this same time Sony wasn't putting HDMI cables in with PS3 units. I found this funny and pretty damn sad.[/QUOTE]
  6. guess what
  8. my ps3 had multi AV cable in it, which was pretty usefull, as my tv came a few days later
  10. and well, HDMI cables cost something like.... 5 bucks at walmart or $any other store obviously not being walmart
  12. besides that, whats the whole fscking deal of confirming the generic image that the 360 is for 12 year old kiddies and /v/ trolls
  14. who have nothing better to do than to burn other peoples money to play online (about 60 eur/year?)
  16. [SPOILER]and to pose off with their generic inferior quality system that has a less than apple quality diskdrive (proven) lesser than generic apple quality hardware inside, and lot of other hidden costs, as batterypacks, since it was cheaper to rake in 30 euroes for a special rechargeable batterypack, with a proprietary usbcable which will make you rage when it breaks, as you cant connect a generic standard mini usbcable on it
  18. and then not to mention your rageface when yer about 2-300 kilometers away from home, and realize you dont have your ugly ass megaton powerbrick with you, as the donkeys at mickeysoft thought it would be more usefull to make it external[/SPOILER]
  20. // anyway, diss-regarding spoilers
  22. its a pretty sad given that sony took its absolute time to adress this problem
  24. ever since the coming of REBUG V3.55 people have been able to commit virtual shoplifting trough the debug PSN store, because the debugging environment has/had no CC verification check, so basically even if you just entered zeroes all the way you could easily obtain about a complete store, without ever having to pay a single dime
  26. secondarily :  the whole issue with creditcards has been around since at least february, or prolly it has been around ever since failoverfl0w released the masterkey, after which reverse engineering, took a quantumleap
  28. that being said, in early january, there were already rumours about the traffic being sent around in just SIMPLE PLAINTEXT FORMAT, which now finally led to a serious and official compromise, which most likely can be blamed on a group of randomkiddies, and more likely for a large part to former east-bloc countries, israel, and some in southern american countries
  30. even as a prolly on beforehand bejudged and biased user, because i have a ps3, i can no more than laugh really really hard at Sony
  32. this was to be expected, and it could not come at a better given time
  34. tertiary, this compromise of this sensitive information, shows once again how vulnerable it is to use a CreditCard online, especially if you use it in a non safe environment like a GameConsole, which in case of setting up a 360 for the first time, is almost something you cant escape from, sadly enough, and well, thus far it has not been shown, nor proven, regardless of what obnoxious 360trolls will claim, that xbl is anywhere near safe, and knowing the overall structure of mickeysoft OS, its prolly not all too safe either :_)

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