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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 26th Mar 2015 14:45
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  1. Topic : Science is meaningless without religion
  3. Essay:
  4. Starting from the early days of man kind, man has always been interrogating about the environment around him. Based on his understanding which he made he formed a set of rules and belief which consequently became religion. When man started to question on such beliefs then he made Science. Thus Science is inseparable from religion. The Science built around by questioning the presumptions of religion.
  5.         For instance,in those days the churches believed the earth is the center and sun revolved around it. Copernicous, started to question this assumption of the Church he was able to make the discovery of Sun as the center. Religion was solely responsible for paving way to this kind of a scientific discovery.
  6.         Religion is bolsters Science by recording it and propagating amongst the people. For example, the ancient method of eye cataract surgery has been recorded in atharvana veda one of the four vedas of Hindus. Similarly many mathematical theorems along with their proof has been recorded in religious text and has been in learning by the next generations in a meticulous manner.Religion has thus been a wheel in taking Science forward.
  7.         The big bang theory which was recently proved was taken a proof based on the story of Lord Shiva's dance. As a symbol of this the European atom research has kept the dancing Shiva statue as symbol in their place. The Bhramanda purana prompted that Universe is expanding and is in the shape of ellpsoid. Which was taken into analysis and proved by modern day scientist.
  8.         The saka calender is a scientific invention that is being followed even now in different religions. It is able to predict eclipses, sun rise and set. If religion did not propagate such calenders  then the scientific discoveries could have been a waste.
  9.         Religion has always bolstered Science and without religion Science is meaningless. Science is the mans motive to understand the world around him and religion has always been to support spread and assert it.
  11. Word Count : 325

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