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Back To The Fusion: They Travel via Light!
Posted by Anonymous on Wed 16th Sep 2015 05:04
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  1. Back To The Fusion: They Travel via Light!
  3. #########################################
  5. Consider this:
  7. Doc Brown and Marty McFly as cannibals traveling through time.
  9. Mr. Fusion running the best on human flesh, the same "Soylent" material found in a lot of food, hidden there for the masses of alien/human hybrids to consume. These hybrids or the evil ones themselves rely on consuming human flesh, blood even dried blood packets to retain their human form. If you're in a disordered state of mind you may well begin to detect/smell this evil mixed into the food supply and a unique smell the hybrids and evil have. They are everywhere.
  11. One newspaper said "Doc" was committed to a mental institute. Both Doc and "Marty" were obsessed with changing the natural order of things, events in their precious time line, even though they both spoke bad of it briefly by saying they should not interfere and come into contact with their family.
  13. Marty's girlfriend was left like garbage on a porch while Doc goes back in time to rescue his "Beast" (his dog). The dog bowl filled with old and new dog food (the dog/beast doesn't eat dog food!).
  15. Notice the Beast travels through time first only then to be joined by humans. Notice the blinding light/flash as the time machine vanishes into another time.
  17. This is the tip of the iceberg.
  19. !!!
  21. travel via light.. yes.. the evil ones do this..
  23. They Live shows this as they go into a room to travel they travel via light..
  25. K-Pax shows this at the end of the movie.
  27. There are other movies too which show this. Light is almost always involved. There are "props" too used in movies to hide the fact that it is light.
  29. And while some movies show travel by light, others show a hidden appearance by way of light, like the arrivals movie.
  31. !!!
  33. Notice during a very important scene where Marty and his girlfriend are talking, and the lady approaches them and gives him a flyer and asks them to SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER! and his gf writes her number on the paper, during this scene which is both important and powerful, which follows with The Power of Love song, Marty uses the Jesus/Christ curse. The scene has so many subtle things going on in it you may not even notice it.
  35. !!!
  37. Some Anagrams for: save the clock tower
  39. Wacko Etches Revolt
  40. Warlock Etches Vote
  41. Warlock Tech Vetoes
  42. Warlock Covets Thee
  43. Cloaks Corvette Hew
  44. Cloak Vetches Tower
  45. Aw Electroshock Vet

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