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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 26th Mar 2015 14:46
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  1. Topic:
  2. The regional brand manager sent the following memo to the national brand manager for Sun-Beem Facial Cleanser.
  3. “We need to institute a huge publicity campaign for the launch of Sun-Beem’s improved formula. Without an enormous media blitz, including television, radio, internet, and magazine ads, potential new customers will not be aware of our product. And previous customers will not be aware that Sun-Beem’s new, non-carcinogenic formula is on the shelves. The best way to combat the negative publicity Sun-Beem’s old formula received is to fight fire with fire, by using the media’s insatiable interest in any new news about Sun-Beem to sell the new formula. This will erase the negative connotations in the minds of former customers, and will ensure that Sun-Beem is once again the best-selling facial cleanser on the market.”
  5. Essay:
  6.         The given memo urges for a publicity campaign for the launch of new Sun-Beem's improved formula to combat the negative response by of the old formula.However, the memo fails to warrant certain statements and is ambiguous. The author has not substantiated it with necessary proofs and has also got few innate assumption which I would like to elaborate on.
  7.         First, the author claims that the negative response is only through publicity. Which is an assumption that the author is trying to make. Negative response need not only be because of the publicity, but could be because of various other reasons like the viscosity of the cream or because of the leaky tubes in which the facial cleanser is  being sold. Throwing the blame entirely on negative publicity is fallacious.
  8.         Second, potential new customers can also be raised by placing the stalls of the our product at workplaces such as offices, malls and markets ,which would also improve our sales. Spending huge sum of money on media blitz does not necessarily improve our business. The author has not mentioned about how much it will improve the sales of the new product through media blitz. The statement could have been supported with a graph or rating. The argument without such proof and claiming that media alone will improve is not correct.
  9.         Third, If there was a negative response the quality use of the new product will erase the negative response and not just by advertising. Improving on the quality of the current product and introducing it in the market will combat against the competitor. Advertising can only help to some extent and cannot be the only weapon to rely on.
  10.         Fourth, if the new formula fails after advertising positively then it would be very difficult for the us to come back into the market. Thus allowing to spread the product first and then start to advertise based on the response would be a better solution for our problem.
  11.         Thus, the memo that has been presented has few innate assumptions that are made. Haste in advertising cannot be a better  solution for the problem stated. A deep understanding of the problem is required to tackle the situation. The author's response could be accepted if proper evidence are produced for each statement made. Until such evidence betoken the statements the statements stay ambiguous.
  13. Word count: 389

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