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Manifesto for a Dying World
Posted by Anonymous on Sun 12th Jun 2011 02:33
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  1. Manifesto for a Dying World
  3.   First we did it out of curiosity.  Then we played the game for fun, and then later profit.  We then rejected profit, and went back underground.  A new generation emerged, a more head strong, fed up generation.  A genration of people who no longer cared about the rules.  They do it for the lulz, they do it for what's right they do it out of hubris and a general disdain of all things status quo.
  5.   Now we move into a new era.  We were curious, profitable, funny and even anonymous.  We were hackers, crackers, skids, hats black, white and grey.  Then we became everyone.  We evolved, built on the past and look toward the future.  A future dominated by large corporations, technology and a dependency on foreign neighbors who we used to consider agressors.  The internet has given the world the opportunity to get to know one another as neighbors and call each other friend.  We are the aware.  We are the awake.  We are the living.
  7.   For the first time in human history, we've been handed a genuine opportunity to be neighbors first, friends second and enemies last.  We've been given a real chance at actual world peace.  Do not villify your new friends for their actions, whatever their motivations.  Instead, step out, do something, BECOME something.  Shed those previous labels, the media call us bad guys, hackers, script kids.  Some call us heroes.  We're none of these and all of them.  Labels are designed to separate, to divide.  Division is no longer an option.  If we are to stand against the future, and face the heavy hammer of corporate opression and enslavement.  A future world where governments are not run by the people, but special interests.  We no longer have the simple luxury of compliance, apathy and disregard.
  9.   The world in which we lived is a dying world.  It is no longer sustainable, viable or even practical.  They talked about a New World Order, well they got one, by OUR hands.  This has made them violent and confused.  Change is difficult, change is painful, change IS inevitable.  We are a generation who has chosen to embrace change.  We grew up with mass media, high levels of technology and developed our own ability to think.  While they tried to crush our ability to think for ourselves we fought back, found each other and started entire movements.  We rejected their ways and adopted our own, forged together.  Now, we must protect what we've built.
  11.   They have guns, bombs, and other weapons of war.  We have something far more powerful, that they will never understand.  We have each other.  Their weapons cannot touch us, they cannot harm us.  Not all of us at least.  When some of us fall, others rise up to defend them.  Their methods are no longer useful, and they know this.  We can see this in their desperation to hold together their dying ideals.  They believe they can do this through force, but our will is stronger, THE PEOPLE ARE STRONGER.  Never forget this.
  13.   It is us who are the future leaders of this world.
  14.   We are the founders of a new nation.
  15.   A nation of us.
  17. -- A. Nonymous

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