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TAILS Linux WARNING v.1.3.1 (re: tails-autotest-remote-shell)
Posted by Anonymous on Sun 29th Mar 2015 04:56
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  1. TAILS Linux WARNING v.1.3.1 (re: tails-autotest-remote-shell)
  3. In TAILS 1.3.1, The developers have moved the file:
  5. 'tails-autotest-remote-shell'
  7. from /usr/local/sbin/ (where 'do_not_ever_run_me' still resides)
  9. to:
  11. /etc/init.d/
  13. Delete the file or rm && touch && chmod -v 000 it (warning: this isn't a cut and paste command) before connecting TAILS to the net. The same method and warning applies to the file 'do_not_ever_run_me' which, like the remote-shell file, should not exist on a distro let alone a distro like TAILS. The package 'Whisperback' should be removed as well along with the directory: /etc/whisperback
  15. There are only a few tips out of many, imo there are other 'problems' with this distro as well.
  17. You are warned.

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