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mako making a retard out of itself by playing on the man and being factually inaccurate
Posted by Anonymous on Sat 17th Jul 2010 16:14
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  1. 01:24:09] <+Claudy> hmmm
  2. [01:24:25] <+Claudy> i'm seriously considering to preorder/buy a ps move bundle
  3. [01:27:04] <+Claudy> he concept is awesome, and i think it has a bigger chance of being accurate than the Wii
  4. [01:27:24] <+Claudy> seeing the camera/reciever is on the tv itself, instead of in the controller
  5. [01:28:15] <+Mako> nuh really, it has less sensory awareness
  6. [01:28:20] <+Claudy> the Wii has an inverted system, where the Wiimote is the actual reciever, while the sensorbar is mainly just for sending the guiding point
  7. [01:28:56] <+Mako> aware, hence why candles work
  8. [01:29:06] <+Mako> the move will bomb hard
  9. [01:29:42] <+Claudy> heh
  10. [01:29:49] <+Claudy> i never tried candles on it
  11. [01:30:18] <+Claudy> though, that trick is as old as the road to rome
  12. [01:30:26] <+Claudy> you could also do that on the NES
  13. [01:30:29] <+Claudy> with duckhunt
  14. [01:30:55] <+Mako> yupyup
  15. [01:31:06] <+Mako> kinect has potential, but demonstrations have been troublesome
  16. [01:31:07] <+Claudy> just aim at a lamp, or other bright source of white light, and it does'nt matters if yer shooting to the other isde of the room, it will always hit, regardless of acuracy
  17. [01:31:19] <+Mako> move won't catch on because no add-on ever has, ever
  18. [01:31:27] <+Claudy> hmm ?
  19. [01:31:53] <+Mako> through out the entire history of gaming if it didn't launch with it, it fails
  20. [01:32:01] <+Mako> genesis being a shining example of this
  21. [01:32:05] <+Claudy> heh
  22. [01:32:17] <+Mako> cd, 32x, 3d glasses, motion ring
  23. [01:32:30] <+Mako> no one used the lightgun for the nes outside of duckhunt
  24. [01:32:32] <+Claudy> well, the story of the genesis is one, where they were deliberately extending the life of a console that was on lifesupport for most of its career
  25. [01:32:45] <+Claudy> and hogans alley, and such
  26. [01:32:55] <+Claudy> i got a pirate with 4 games on them for the zapper
  27. [01:33:12] <+Mako> you personally do not make something a success
  28. [01:33:34] <+Claudy> the sega cd was a piece of good intended technology, though too primitive for its time
  29. [01:33:36] <+Mako> powerglove, power mat, u-force, superscope
  30. [01:33:39] <+Mako> the list goes on
  31. [01:33:49] <+Claudy> superscope was for the snes
  32. [01:33:56] <+Claudy> and it was retarded, yes
  33. [01:34:02] <+Mako> i'm not just talking about the genesis
  34. [01:34:14] <+Claudy> the powerglove was just an addon
  35. [01:34:27] <+Mako> ANY gaming add-on meant to expand the console has always failed.
  36. [01:34:30] <+Claudy> not official though
  37. [01:34:36] <+Claudy> not exactly
  38. [01:34:42] <+Mako> yes it was... it was developed by nintendo
  39. [01:34:42] <+Claudy> the wii balance board works
  40. [01:35:05] <+Mako> the wii is an exception because they rely almost solely on first party software
  41. [01:35:10] <+Claudy> heh
  42. [01:35:16] <+Claudy> and shovelware :/
  43. [01:35:48] <+Claudy> it gets called either an xb arcade game, or a psn mini, but it gets the fully fledged glory of a cdcase for the Wii :/
  44. [01:36:14] <+Claudy> its just ranked in the budget division though :+
  45. [01:36:18] <+Mako> nintendo has no quality control
  46. [01:36:33] <+Mako> hence why majority of third party wii games suck
  47. [01:36:36] <+Claudy> partially
  48. [01:36:48] <+Mako> read closer
  49. [01:36:49] <+Claudy> basically they left this loophole in to print money
  50. [01:37:07] <+Claudy> they did the same with the nes
  51. [01:37:14] <+Mako> no, not at all
  52. [01:37:20] <+Claudy> if you knew how, you could do whatever you want with it
  53. [01:37:36] <+Mako> nes actually had strict policies, just a lot of shit games got through, majority of them unlicensed
  54. [01:37:43] <+Mako> that policy was dropped with the snes
  55. [01:37:48] <+Claudy> same is still accurate, if you know how, you can get the homebrew chan, and hence you can indiedev
  56. [01:37:53] <+Mako> to compete with genesis
  57. [01:38:06] <+Mako> thats entirely different
  58. [01:38:16] <+Claudy> its just that now its a business
  59. [01:38:22] <+Mako> unlicensed does not equate to homebrew and pirated software
  60. [01:38:25] <+Claudy> back then it had the golden P word
  61. [01:38:46] <+Claudy> pirate cartridges often also contained homebrew, or really miserable games
  62. [01:39:05] Mako facepalms
  63. [01:39:33] <+Mako> nes's worst games were things liked wisdom tree games where they were a publisher and a business, not just hobbyists
  64. [01:39:48] <+Claudy> there are worse games than that
  65. [01:39:56] <+Claudy> ljn >_>
  66. [01:39:59] <+Mako> things like
  67. [01:40:02] <+Mako> READ
  68. [01:40:07] Mako face palms
  69. [01:40:11] Claudy sighs
  70. [01:40:14] <+Mako> your talking out of your fluffy butt cabbit
  71. 01:40:54] Claudy sighs
  72. [01:41:16] <+Mako> modernized? that was decades ago.... you can't compare that to the hacking the console to play pirated and homebrew games on the wii
  73. [01:41:41] <+Claudy> yes, modernized
  74. [01:42:03] <+Mako> no... you're comparing apples and oranges
  75. [01:42:13] <+Claudy> though nowadays, the world is'nt that small anymore
  76. [01:42:44] <+Mako> hobbyist pirates are not modernized companies that circumvented nes locks to increase profit margins by releasing more games under budget labels...
  77. [01:43:12] <+Mako> apples
  78. [01:43:13] <+Mako> and
  79. [01:43:13] <+Mako> oranges
  80. [01:43:15] <+Claudy> every intelligent being, can predict that piracy, and related cases, always guarantee a steady extra flow of dosh
  81. [01:44:09] <+Claudy> hence companies with lesser cashflow, can diy a console, and get their own dirt cheap devkit, with some soldering, and some patience
  82. [01:44:17] <+Mako> i'm going to end this because you don't have any clue wtf your talking about
  83. [01:44:26] Claudy sighs
  84. [01:44:31] <+Claudy> well, fien
  85. [01:44:41] <+Mako> no one makes profits from the wiis homebrew channel
  86. [01:44:43] <+Claudy> i count that as a loss for yhe
  87. [01:44:56] <+Claudy> ofcourse they dont </obvious>
  88. [01:45:08] <+Mako> then your comparison is retarded
  89. [01:45:11] <+Claudy> its not
  90. [01:45:12] <+Mako> it's two ENTIRELY different things
  91. [01:45:15] <+Mako> yes
  92. [01:45:15] <+Claudy> its not
  93. [01:45:16] <+Mako> it is
  94. [01:45:17] <+Claudy> nop
  95. [01:45:19] <+Mako> it is
  96. [01:45:22] <+Claudy> impossible
  97. [01:45:24] <+Claudy> implausible
  98. [01:45:27] <+Claudy> myth busted
  99. [01:46:13] <+Claudy> it would be pretty retarded to deny the fakt that piracy yields big N big profit
  100. [01:46:50] <+Mako> your saying that the wii homebrew channel is modernized of what was down by companies back in the 80's to increase profits by releasing games circumventing the nes10 lockout chip, then going on to say piracy guarantees cash flow.. and you delve into nonsensical dribble
  101. [01:46:53] <+Mako> retarded
  102. [01:46:56] <+Mako> *you're
  103. [01:47:15] <+Claudy> since pirates are eventually legal consumers, who will viralize a market, taking in consideration that the internet was'nt there yet in the 1980's, yet we had bbs-es
  104. [01:47:33] <+Claudy> *
  105. [01:47:46] <+Mako> seriously... you have no fucking clue what you're talking about
  106. [01:47:50] <+Claudy> the whole exposure is way bigger thanks to the internet, hence there is more money to be made
  107. [01:47:58] <+Claudy> hence people buy consoles
  108. [01:48:03] <+Claudy> hence ninty makes profit
  109. [01:48:10] <+Mako> by hobbyist pirates who aren't selling anything at a profit
  110. [01:48:13] <+Claudy> hence smalltime devvers do a grab to the buck
  111. [01:48:20] <+Mako> seriously, you sound retarded
  112. [01:48:22] <+Claudy> hance the circle is complete
  113. [01:48:40] <+Claudy> hence*
  114. [01:48:48] <+Mako> no... there is no circle, you've just spouted nonsense from your ass
  115. [01:48:55] <+Claudy> it may sound retarded, but then again, i guess businessmen are retarded tooo then
  116. [01:49:11] <+Mako> no one is doing that
  117. [01:49:17] <+Claudy> noone makes money ?
  118. [01:49:17] <+Mako> you just don't know what you're talking abouit
  119. [01:49:28] <+Mako> oh ho ho strawmen
  120. [01:49:31] <+Mako> yay logical fallcies
  121. [01:49:42] <+Mako> further cementing you are being retarded
  122. [01:49:47] <+Claudy> everyone makes money in a business where there is money
  123. [01:49:56] <+Claudy> it just depends on how you make your profit
  124. [01:50:03] <+Mako> hobbyist priates who use the wii homebrew channel don't make anythibng
  125. [01:50:13] <+Mako> which is what you branched this off of
  126. [01:50:19] <+Claudy> they rake in other profit though
  127. [01:50:29] <+Mako> you're trying to dig yourself out of a whole by using a red herring
  128. [01:50:31] <+Mako> *hole
  129. [01:50:32] <+Mako> no
  130. [01:50:34] <+Mako> they don't
  131. [01:50:35] <+Claudy> i dont
  132. [01:50:44] <+Claudy> they rake in publicity
  133. [01:50:51] <+Claudy> which is also something of value
  134. [01:51:06] <+Mako> stretching the analogy, another fallacy
  135. [01:51:16] <+Mako> incongruent comparison
  136. [01:51:17] <+Claudy> nop
  137. [01:51:28] <+Mako> seriously... know when you sound like a moron
  138. [01:51:35] <+Claudy> thanks
  139. [01:52:07] <+Claudy> know when you place yourself above someone unrightfully by misunderstanding ones simple analogy given by trade
  140. [01:52:11] <+Mako> saying nope when you just said what i've described doesn't make you correct. It only makes you look like a immature brat
  141. [01:52:24] <+Claudy> fine for me
  142. [01:52:24] <+Mako> no, your analogy is retarded because it's not comparable
  143. [01:52:30] <+Claudy> how so ?
  144. [01:52:36] <+Mako> and contains a lot of factually incorrect information
  145. [01:52:41] <+Mako> so read, i just explained that
  146. [01:52:42] <+Claudy> how so ?
  147. [01:52:42] <+Mako> *go
  148. [01:52:51] Claudy sighs
  149. [01:54:15] <+Mako> hobbyist pirates using the wii's homebrew channel aren't making profit, they're hobbyists. comparing that to companies of the nes era is incongruent. saying publicity is profit is stretching the analogy as the base concept is still incomparablke
  150. [01:54:20] <+Claudy> everyone knows that most of the usage of the homebrew channel is for usage of illegal software, and for usage of cios 249 and cios 36/39
  151. [01:54:29] <+Mako> "everyone knows" appeal to authority
  152. [01:54:34] <+Mako> again, logical fallacy
  153. [01:54:40] <+Claudy> why else would the screen be inverted when theres an unofficial ios detected
  154. [01:54:53] <+Claudy> bittorrent is also mainly used for copyright infringement
  155. [01:54:59] <+Mako> the entire usage is non-profit
  156. [01:55:13] <+Mako> there is no profit at all made by them from their creations
  157. [01:55:35] <+Mako> publicity means nothing, as they're not selling a product
  158. [01:55:36] <+Claudy> yet again, most people boot into a diskmanager, or use the hbc for installing or uninstalling custom roms via the known programs
  159. [01:55:37] <+Mako> npo profit
  160. [01:56:07] <+Mako> and again you're using a re herring trying to stray away from the explanation of why your analogy was retarded
  161. [01:56:10] <+Mako> *red
  162. [01:56:13] Claudy sighs
  163. [01:56:25] <+Claudy> no, i am just expanding it, and explaining it how i meant it
  164. [01:56:40] <+Claudy> piracy nets profit for everyone
  165. [01:56:48] <+Claudy> even for those who sell backups
  166. [01:57:05] <+Mako> now you're on an entirely different topic
  167. [01:57:06] <+Claudy> if i find a good game i pirated, i'll usually buy it
  168. [01:57:19] <+Mako> because just a moment ago you were comparing them to ljn
  169. [01:57:27] <+Mako> and no, most people aren't making a profit
  170. [01:57:40] <+Mako> the pirates aren't, the rippers aren't
  171. [01:57:51] <+Claudy> hence i give profit to shopkeeper, in case of a consolegame, or i buy it on steam, in which case valve + dev/distributor gets dosh
  172. [01:58:00] <+Mako> the company may make a profit with people who decide to buy a product after purchasing it
  173. [01:58:21] <+Mako> but comparing this to the practices of wisdom tree and ljn is incongruent
  174. [01:58:35] <+Mako> they're entirely different things
  175. [01:58:45] <+Claudy> and yes, ljn falls under shittiest games, made by people who should have never have gotten money
  176. [01:59:02] <+Claudy> they got bought out by universal at some point though :_)
  177. [01:59:38] <+Mako> again, straying away on random points here without conceding your comparison is in consistent
  178. [01:59:38] <+Claudy> kinda like giving money to a bunch of complete strangers or highwaymen
  179. [01:59:49] <+Mako> *inconsistent
  180. [01:59:55] <+Claudy> eventually they died off \o/
  181. [02:00:22] <+Claudy> though, to get back on the piracy issue
  182. [02:01:00] <+Mako> no really i'm done... i'm just going to get more annoyed at you for talking outta your cabbit hole
  183. [02:01:20] <+Claudy> some smalltime devvers also apply for such ways, to circumvent the buying of an expensive devkit :x
  184. [02:01:37] <+Claudy> fien
  185. [02:02:17] <+Claudy> i'm glad to hear you totally misinterpret my way of looking at things, rendering a conversation on a decent level nearly impossible
  186. [02:08:41] <+Claudy> there will be one day though, when some will say that good old herr Claudius von K. was speaking the truth :)
  187. [02:18:29] <+Claudy> after all, nothing more is a human strange, is one human proclaiming another to be a heretic.
  188. [02:19:13] <+Claudy> it has happened in all ages, and it will most likely happen in all ages, unless humanity woudl change its ways for the good :_)
  189. [02:19:45] <+Claudy> (which will take us another 10 generations or more)
  190. [02:25:12] <+Claudy> after all, most sinners will be sitting in the front rows in the church of life, in hope of misleading life's judgement, proclaiming to be good citizens, instead of repenting.
  191. [02:25:15] <+Claudy> for being the heretics they in reality are

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